Feb 24, 2007

Orchids Phaleanopsis

Most of our flowers in the yard are not in bloom yet because its winter season and its been cold and snowing.

To add some colors in our kitchen island, we been buying the cheapest cut flowers available in Safeway for $3.99 to $6.99 per boquet. Other nicer flowers like tulips and roses is around $12.99 to $19.99 so we just deal with the carnation and daisies because they are cheaper and they look just as nice.During our grocery trip to Raleys this week, we saw this totally beautiful orchids displayed near the front area of the store. We tried growing orchids 2-3 years ago but it didnt survive very long. But when we saw the potted orchids, we just have to give it another try. This time we decided to put it indoor, in our kitchen area. Its only been few days since we bought the orchid plants, so we are still trying to study what works best for them. Been transfering them already in different area of the house, making sure they have enough lighting and not expose to too much heat from our wood burning stove.


Mona said...

hey dolphinstate, my roommate gets orchids from work as gifts, but they're like goldfish, you want 'em so bad but they die so quickly on you. how the heck do you get them to last? any tips would be greatly appreciated. take care!

dolphinstate said...

hi, thank you for your message. actually, we just bought our orchids few weeks ago, so i hope they will last this time. We had some orchids 2-3 years ago, but they died being outside in the sun. THe new orchids we recently bought, we have it indoor, the flower started to wrinkle 2-3 days after we brought it home, so we transfered them near the window to get some indirect sunlight, we also tried spraying the roots with water daily in the morning to keep them moist, and water them good once a week. I think the root love to be moist but not wet, so we are still experimenting on it. Good luck!

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