Mar 5, 2007

Growing Daffodils

Daffodils are very easy to grow and easy to plant. Most daffodils bulbs can be bought at most nurseries and home improvement centers at the start of fall season because its the best time to plant daffodils. Find a sunny spot in your yard with lots of sunshine and has well-drained soil. Once you have the perfect spot to plant your daffodils, dig 3-4 inches diameter holes, or enough to fit each bulb into. Holes should be around 8 to 12 inches distance from each other to allow room for growth of each bulb and promote plant multiplication. Holes should be around 4-5 inches deep. Place each bulb in a hole, cover the holes with bulbs with the loose soil. To encourage great flower blooms, you can sprinkle some bulb foods around the covered hole. Water everyday the area after planting, enough to keep the soil moist and encourage growth. Do not over water to avoid soaking the bulbs too much that may cause the bulbs to rot.


JMom said...

Great photos and information! Thanks for visiting my blogs too.

JAZEVOX said...

thanks for dropping by too!

JOY said...

great blogs and wonderful flower posts..simple but eye catching photo of flowers..i'm a flower lover too and i have a post of my collections bout different flowers..i'll link you page to mine....take a look some other time and say something bout my blogs... have a nice day!!!

JAZEVOX said...

hi, thanks for stopping by! we are avid gardeners and we grow tons of different flowers in our yard, and when i can, try to take photos of them.

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