May 30, 2007

Dual tulips stand stronger

One of the many reasons why I love springtime is because our yard awaits many different types of flower plants that we planted all these years. One of the short time bloomers are the tulips, usually our tulips here in California only blooms around the month of March to April. And during these blooming season, our flower garden transforms into a very colorful display of beautiful flowers. We planted different variety of tulips, some miniature some long-stemmed. We have wide variety of solid colors and some combo or mixed colors, like the one shown in the photo (white and hot pink). When I found this batch of tulip in our yard, I cannot help but take a snapnot of it as is. Both tulips were leaning side by side against each other, standing straighter and taller compare to the others, that started to bow down to the ground because stem cannot support the heavy weight of the flowers.

Lesson learn from the photographs:
The photo shows that if you feel you have some weaknesses and hindrances as an individual, do not be afraid to look for strength and support from people you can trust that can help you stand stronger and straighter.

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