Sep 4, 2007

Yellow Mexican Hat Coneflower Flower

I took this photo of Yellow Mexican Hat Coneflower from our yard this summer of 2007. They blooms by the dozen, so they look really nice and noticable in group.

I guess one of the reason why they call this flower Mexican Hat is because it really looks like one, dont you think so to?

These flowers do have skinny delicate stems so watering them too much will cause the plants to bow down, until the sun dries them up and usually they go stand up again.

I think they would be great as accents or touched for floral arrangements. I think Mexican Hat Coneflower would look great with white daisies with yellow pollen in a base!

Thanks for dropping by and dont forget to enjoy the summer outside before the leaves start falling and before you know it, it is already Fall!

Have a nice day to all!

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