Nov 30, 2007

Two Things Tag

1. Two names I go by: Jaze and Vox
2. Two things I am wearing right now: PJ and Wedding Ring
3. Two things I want (or have) in a relationship: Honesty and Loyalty
4. Two things I like to do: Watch Movie and Shopping
5. Two things I want very badly in this moment: Cell signal and Additional Rooms
6. Two things I did last night: Sleep and Watch movie
7. Two things I ate today: Burrito and thats it!
8. Missing question, huh?
9. Two things I am doing tomorrow: Continue setup our christmas decor and watch home shows on TV
10. Two favourite days of the week: Sunday and Saturday (or the weekends)
11. Two favourite holidays: Christmas and New Year
12. Two favourite beverages: Water and Juice
13. Two things about me that you may not have known: I got two brothers and two sisters
14. Two jobs that I have had in my life: Computer Graphics Artist and Fashion Retailer
15. Two movies I would watch over and over: Sleepless In Seattle and Serendipity
16. Two places I have lived: Northern CA and MM
17. Two of my favourite food: Spaghetti and Pancit Chow Mein
18. Two places I would rather be right now: near the ocean or visit my family back home!

Hi Joy, thanks again for this chance to answer this tag. I am not tagging someone in particular but if YOU are reading this, please feel free to do this tag and let us know if you do so that we can read your answer as well.

Nov 29, 2007

Christmas in the neighborhood

Yesterday, my hubby and I and our dog had a quick drive in our neighborhood and noticed how things have changed these past few years during Christmas times. During the past years, we dont see a lot of Christmas decors in some of our neighboring houses because some of the previous neighbors were Weekenders, as we call it, because they consider their houses here vacation homes and never really stayed full-time. But recently, these houses had been bought by full-time occupants and dramatically change the ambiance of the neighborhood already because during this time of year, we used to never see a lot of Christmas decorations in these houses, but these days, its totally changed, we are thrilled. The new occupants even beat us with being the first ones to put up their outdoor Christmas decors first! So we are beaten and we plan to put up our as well before the start of December, I hope! (One day left for that goal of putting up the Christmas decor outside). I truly like how it becomes nowadays, it was kind of frustrating before that we hardly see a lot of Christmas-decorated homes nearby, and now we can just drive around and see all these glimming lights and a joyful message of Christmas!

Nov 28, 2007

Search For Earth-Like Planet

This posting is gonna be totally different and unusual compare to my usual posts, that I have ever written. I am writing about my opinion on a very extraordinary and huge universe.

Last night in the History channel, i was watching this documentary episode about scientists going highs and lows exploring the vast universe around us, studying each planet they encounter with their state-of-the-art telescopes to search for a earth-like planet, similar planet where we all live in. These scientists are searching for a possible habitable planet for humans. It is amazing how these scientists are so determined to look for a planet like earth, a livable area with water, oxygen, etc.

With all the years of living here on earth, it never cross my mind to live somewhere else beside earth. But these scientists sure have wider persperstive, they are looking for that earth-like planet where someday humans can visit or live in. Nobody knows if a planet like this actually exist at all, but looking for it might someday result in discovery and will one day become norm and part of history. Just like how everyone before came to believe that earth is flat and was later discovered that it is actually round!

The question that lingers through my mind while I was watching the TV show was that, what if these scientists will really discover that there is a livable earth-like planet out there, what are the chances that anyone here on earth decides to move out there and live there instead? Probably a new technology will be developed to make traveling there possible and turn into a space exploration business and make it into a destination.

What are the possibilities that humans could possibly move to another earth-like planet if discovered later on? It is beyond the norm, and definitely beyond the ordinary to even think about it, but what if millions of years from now, earth will sadly become inhabitable effects due to devastating events like global warming, nuclear problems, etc. Will these be a reason enough to move somewhere else and live to another earth-like planet?! It is hard to imagine and come up of possible answer to this extraordinary question, but what do you think??!

Nov 26, 2007

Four things about me you may or may not know

Four things about me that you may or may not know in no particular order.

1 - Four jobs I have had in my life

  • Computer Graphic Artist
  • Computer Graphics Operator
  • Retailer Fashion
  • Designer
  • and Wifey (its life not a job)
2 - Four movies I would watch over and over
  • Sleepless in Seattle (all the time!)
  • I Got Mail (countless times!)
  • Serendipity (several times!)
  • Tuscan Sun (my hubby is starting to complain)
3 - Four places I have lived
  • Northern CA (currently here)
  • Bojol Island
  • Cbu Yeah
  • MM

  • 4 - Four TV Shows that I watch
    • Real Estate Pros, and Flip That House, and Flip This House (i want to do this)
    • Design To Sell (wanna learn the secrets of the trade)
    • Property Ladder (i want to do this too)
    • Little People Big World (very nice family, loving and for real)
    5 - Four of my favorite foods
    • Pancit Chow Mein
    • Pineapple Ham
    • Spaghetti
    • Cakes

    6 - Four places I would rather be right now
    • almost anywhere near the ocean (without any hurricane)
    • visit my family back home
    • bed (watch a movie)
    • living room and play taga-war with our doggies

    7 - Four friends I think will respond
    • hopefully
    • all
    • of
    • you!

    8 - Things I am looking forward to this year
    • successful year (achieve my hopes and goals)
    • fulfilling year (get things done)
    • joyful year (family and friends around me)
    • peaceful year (no more war)

    Thanks Joy for this tag :-) I am tagging the following co-bloggers here at bloggin world: Waliz, Marie, Raquel, Roselle, CC, Chant. Hopefully know a little something about yeah! Cheers!

    My Five Usual Things

    Here are five (5) list of things in my life these days!

    5 Things Found in my Bag

    1. cellphone
    2. camera
    3. planner
    4. pen
    5. perfume
    5 Things Found in my Wallet
    1. old non-winning CA lotto ticket
    2. bunch of expired icecream Rain Checks
    3. shopping lists
    4. photos
    5. pennies, dimes, quarters
    5 Things Found in my/our Room
    1. aquarium with all kinds of live fish
    2. DVDs
    3. framed wedding photo (me and my hubby!)
    4. dog bed
    5. television
    5 THings I always wanted To Do
    1. own a successful multi-million business
    2. have a vacation house with ocean frontage
    3. visit my family more often!
    4. invent something that everyone likes/loves
    5. build a room just for painting, another room for crafting, and another room for home gym
    5 Things Im currently Into
    1. blogging
    2. real estate
    3. photography
    4. gardening
    5. traveling
    If you like to answer all the questions above and share your answers with us, Im tagging YOU! Go ahead, please feel free to use this pass, and let me know if you are doing this so I can read your blog and read your asnwers as well. Have fun!

    Btw, i found this pass from Joys blog.

    Additional Thanksgiving Meal

    Yesterday afternoon, we got a plate of sliced turkey meats, mashed potatoes, a third slice of pumkin pie, and some sweet jam from our not-so-distant neighbors. They invited us on Thanksgiving Day to have dinner with them, together with all their other invited family and friends guests, but we already had some simple plans for the day with our yummy Turkey Soup being slow cooked, the hourdervs, and the Leche Flan. But then they ended up giving some of their Thanksgiving foods, and they were great/yummers. So even if we didnt have a baked turkey on Thanksgiving Day like we used to, we ended up having one plus some pumkin pie as well! The previous years that we had pumkin pies in the table on Thanksgiving Day, I didnt try to grab any of it, so yesterday was the first time that I ever have a pumkin pie in my life. I am a pie eater, but I have to say that pumkin pie is not my most favorite type of pie, maybe that is why i never tried to eat them before yesterday, but it is definitely something that my stomach can handle in moderation. I ate the pumkin pie refrigerator cold, i wonder how they would taste warm!?

    Nov 23, 2007

    Turkey Soup for Thanksgiving Day

    We had a very simple Thanksgiving celebration this year, we had slow cooked Turkey soup instead of the traditional baked turkey with fillings, lots of side dishes, and sliced cranberry jelly that we used to have because my hubby had a toothache and could hardly chew any food, so the turkey soup was a great alternative for us specially that I am a great soup eater. The turkey soup came out very yummy and tasty, no regrets. We slow cooked it for around 8 hours using a crock pot (slow cooker). Aside from the turkey meats and the soup flavor in it, it had chuncks of potato, biased slice carrots, chips of green celery and some spaghetti noodles in it. We ate it warm (of course) with buttered biscuits. And few hours prior to the soup meal, we had some hourderv, rolled salame slices with spreaded Philadelphia creme cheese.

    I prepared Leche Flan as well, which did not came out as I planned because I didnt realized in that the two (2) remaining condense milks that we had were the old ones, and I couldnt use it for the recipe and most stores are close on Thanksgiving Day and didnt really wanna travel to buy the condense milks. So I ended up using cups of granulated sugar instead of the condense milk. And the steamer pot that I used, I didnt put enough water in it for steaming that it was still cooking and the water drained/evaporated and totally burned the bottom of our steamer, which I hope I can still clean and use again. Good thing that the Leache Flan came out okey, eatable, flavorful and tasty!

    Happy Black Friday shopping everyone! Hope you all found great deals today (Black Friday)!

    Nov 21, 2007

    Gooble Gooble Gooble!

    Just wanna great you all Happy THANKSGIVING! I will be busy cooking tommorrow so I probably wont be able to post a new message! We are gonna have a turkey thingy and some hourdervs (hope its the right spelling!) I will also be inserting an old favorite recipe in the menu, a Leche Flan since my hubby like it when I cook that recipe, and its my fave since I was kiddo. So Gooble Gooble Gooble! (its a turkey sound...) Happy Thanksgiving!

    So are you planning to wake up early dawn the following day (a day after Thanksgiving)? It is gonna be Black Friday, lots of nice deals in the stores. If you have times, I wrote an article about Black Friday few days ago, please check it out,
    Black Friday Is Coming Up

    Nov 19, 2007

    The Language of Texting

    Its been more than a decade since cellphone text messaging or texting were popularize in many asian countries like Philippines, Japan, China. And I mean popular, you see little kids facing each other communicating via cellphone texting, instead of talking to each other. Young students walking in the streets, texting instead of watching the road to make sure that you are not stepping on anyones shoe. It is so popular that you see signs in the road that says, no texting while crossing. Churches, banks and other offices forming new rules about no texting while in the premises.

    Its recently been popularize here in the US. Only this past few years that text messaging is frequently advertised and popularized in the US, like the use of text messaging to vote for contestant in American Idol, and other contest shows in TV.

    But for those who are new to texting, it will be a mind buggling experience for anyone who just receive his/her first or second text message. It is because the text messaging community is utilizing a different language, or also known as the TXT language.

    The txt language is not really a whole new language but writing a word in different way to make it shorter but implies the same thing/meaning. It is almost like an abbrevation but in some cases, it is not. Below are some examples of txt words commonly use by text messaging community.

    Most text words are spelled according to how it sounds like:

    C U ---------> See You (what it actually means!)
    K -----------> Okey
    L8R --------> Later
    nyt ---------> night
    D-----------> The
    luv----------> Love
    How R U ---> How are you

    Others txt words are written in initials or similar meanings like:

    TC ---------> Take Care
    am ---------> morning
    pm ---------> afternoon, evening
    Message----> Msg

    It is not hard to learn the text messaging language, it is mostly the same words language (mostly English), just written in a different way to make it shorter for the purpose of being able to express what you really wanna say and have it fit in a cellphone message capacity, usually counted numbers of character per message, like 200 characters maximum per message. If you can fit what you need to say in one text messaging then, you pay one message. In the texting world, you pay per message you sent and here in the US, also per message you receive. So the more words you can fit per message, you save money.

    Written by JAZEVOX. All Rights Reserved.

    Nov 17, 2007

    I got a friend in you...

    I definitely considered myself a neophyte in the blogging world, I just started blogging this year 2007. And with the short span of time that elapse since i started blogging, it is quite nice to know that there are really cool, and sincere individuals out there willing to share what they know or who they are, having fun, and just blogging all the way!

    I wanna extend my hearfelt gratitude and thank you towards
    Miss Waliz of WalizDiary for tagging me with this friendship pass. It is nice knowing that there is someone out there, whom you never meet and seen in person and make peace and friendships with everyone!

    Im tagging all my co-bloggers (reading this) who are sincerely open to great friendships in the blogging world, and having fun blogging and sharing cool stuff with others! If you fit the criteria, im tagging YOU! Cheers!

    Nov 16, 2007

    Subscribed and unprepared

    Few months ago, we received a notice in the mail that our airline mileage points were about tp expire, and the airline company inserted a form with magazine listings with corresponding points where we could subscribe free and just use the reward points we have as payment. So we decided to subscribe to Wall Street Journal (which I never subscribe before) without knowing that it is a daily newspaper subsription that will be mailed into our mailbox. I didnt realized until the first few week that we started getting the newspaper in the mail everyday! The funny thing is, I have few other magazines subscriptions that I never got the chance to even read for months, and most of them only come once a month. So last night, i had a stack of around 30 Wall Street Journal newspapers right in front of me and started scanning the topics and headlines. I managed to only open 3-4 out of around 30s and all I did so far was picked the articles that I wanted to read and clipped them off using a scissor and set them aside in a file so I can read them later on when I can. There are some really good articles, but it is so hard to keep up with everything, newspapers, magazines, blogging, emails, favorite tv shows, and more...Right now, im blogging...

    Link Exchange with Co-Bloggers

    Do you want to Exchange Link with this blog? Just leave me message (or comment) here with your URL and Short Blog Title, add the following link to your Blogroll or Link List:

    Blog Title: Honestly FRESH

    As soon as I receive your message regarding Link Exchange, I will visit your blog to verify the link.

    Or if you already added my blog to your blogroll or blog links, please let me know if you are also interested to exchange link with me!

    A Curious Mind

    My new co-blogger pal, Marie, was tagged with this, i was reading her post and decided to answer the questions as well! Here are my answers....

    Question# 1: When did you start blogging and why?
    I first started blogging early year 2007 around February thru this blog originally called DolphinSTATE just recently renamed this November 2007 as HonestlyFRESH. I didnt make a lot of entry in between those months when I got busy for awhile, but recently managed to make few more blogs: Gardeners Land, So Cool Source, Fifty States TRAVEL, doingE, JAZEVOX in the past two months. One of the reason why I decided to blog was because I been working with computers since I graduated from college and worked as computer artists/graphics. A big portion of my life has to do with computer, starting when I in enrolled a computer course in college, since then computer became a part of what I do basically. Being online a lot of times, I discovered lots of blogs online and see people blogging including companies so I decided to give it a try out of curiosity and be a part of the new technology (blogging). I have some interests, and decided to blog about them. I also like photography and thought it might be good to share in my blogs as well. So thats how i started blogging...

    Question# 2: What do you address your spouse as endearment and why?
    My husband and I call each other bunny or bunbuns because its cute and sweet!

    Now, here is Question # 3: Who's Blog do you admire most & why?
    The first few blogs I frequently visited when I was new in blogging early 2007 are the followings:
    MeltingWok and New York City Daily Photo. They are still among my favorite blogs because i like Asian foods and the photographies and recipes are well-presented (thats why MeltingWok) and i would like to visit NY someday and see the place in actual and this blog is all about NY (thats why NYCityDailyPhoto) .

    If anyone of you would like to answer the questions above, please feel to answer and let me know as well so I can check them out in your blog! Have fun!

    Nov 13, 2007

    From dolphinSTATE to honestlyFRESH !!!

    Hi everyone! Just in case you are wondering, the new name for this blog is now honestlyFRESH (formerly called DolphinSTATE). Same author, me (Jazevox from CA). The only main reason for the name change is that the name dolphinSTATE generally confused a lot of the blog readers. Others thought that the blog is all about dolphins, but the only thing remotely close to the name is my love and admiration for dolphins, and none of my topics was about dolphins. Because of that, I come up with a new name for this blog, HonestlyFRESH.

    I hope you stick around and find interesting stuff in my blog! Currently, this blog is accessible as

    Have a pleasant day and dont forget to check out my other blogs as well. Please feel free to leave feedbacks or comments in any of the postings.

    Nov 12, 2007

    My other blogs are now operational

    I been busy these past few weeks working on my other blogs and try to separate my topics accordingly and hopefully made it more refined than topsy-turvy. Please feel free to check out my other (NEW) blogs:

    FiftyStatesTRAVEL - exploring the fifty states of the United States

    GardenersLand - gardening, planting, landscaping and outdoor lifestyle

    SoCoolSource - sharing cool stuff we found online, can be a site, a product, anything goes!

    JAZEVOX Blog - fashion sense, latest trends, clothings, whats new, whats hot, styles, and more

    This blog, my first ever blog, will remain operational of course. So I hope that you will be checkout out my other blogs and come back here as well!

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