Nov 23, 2007

Turkey Soup for Thanksgiving Day

We had a very simple Thanksgiving celebration this year, we had slow cooked Turkey soup instead of the traditional baked turkey with fillings, lots of side dishes, and sliced cranberry jelly that we used to have because my hubby had a toothache and could hardly chew any food, so the turkey soup was a great alternative for us specially that I am a great soup eater. The turkey soup came out very yummy and tasty, no regrets. We slow cooked it for around 8 hours using a crock pot (slow cooker). Aside from the turkey meats and the soup flavor in it, it had chuncks of potato, biased slice carrots, chips of green celery and some spaghetti noodles in it. We ate it warm (of course) with buttered biscuits. And few hours prior to the soup meal, we had some hourderv, rolled salame slices with spreaded Philadelphia creme cheese.

I prepared Leche Flan as well, which did not came out as I planned because I didnt realized in that the two (2) remaining condense milks that we had were the old ones, and I couldnt use it for the recipe and most stores are close on Thanksgiving Day and didnt really wanna travel to buy the condense milks. So I ended up using cups of granulated sugar instead of the condense milk. And the steamer pot that I used, I didnt put enough water in it for steaming that it was still cooking and the water drained/evaporated and totally burned the bottom of our steamer, which I hope I can still clean and use again. Good thing that the Leache Flan came out okey, eatable, flavorful and tasty!

Happy Black Friday shopping everyone! Hope you all found great deals today (Black Friday)!


Roselle said...

Hi! Thanks for the visit and adding my link. Glad your Thanksgiving went well. By the way I already added your link to my two blogs... & at

JAZEVOX said...

hi roselle, thanks again for the add :-) truly appreciate it. btw, i already added you as well

my leche flan thanksgiving cooking nightmare was the first time it ever happened to me with all the years i been cooking that recipe, but overall everything went great

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving! :-) Relaxing...
Mine was exactly the opposite haha, i ran around like a madman all day!

JAZEVOX said...

hi chef zen, thank you for stopping by! yes, it was quite a relaxing day, just eating n watching movies n TV. my hubby did the soup and hourdervs

wonder why you were running around? trying to catch the turkey?! (just kiddin)

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