Dec 25, 2008

On Christmas Day

Its been almost a month since my last post here. Just done eating our Christmas dinner. I tried experimenting my mothers ham recipe, my favorite recipe of hers which I am still trying to experiment and hopefully master and someday will somehow turn out just as good as hers.

We always wanted to watch Alvin And The Chipmuncks movie since it came out on dvd or on the big screen, but we didnt get the chance to buy it. Fortunately, the movie was played on HBO channel today, so we couldnt miss it. It was nice funny movie, a wholesome movie great for both adults and kids.

Just wanna great everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!

Nov 29, 2008

Black Friday Aftermath

We didnt wake up very early and joined the crowd rush trying to fall inline infront of the shopping malls during Black Friday, yesterday, to get awesome deals on things. Years ago, I had my experience of falling inline infront of a department store so that we could get a new telivision set at a really awesome deal. We did get the TV that year, but it was a long cold waiting time of more than an hour, waiting outside in a cold freezing winter day. But it was a memorable experience for me, a once a year shopping crave for everyone as early as four (4) in the morning!

This year, we checked most of the stores printed ads for Black Friday as well as the stores websites to check for special discounted of items that we could really need and want to get this year. With how the economy is, a lot of people were watching how much they spend this Black Friday. But for things that we could really use, it was the best time to buy since we could definitely save tons of money by getting them at highly discounted prices.

One of the most favorite grab item by a lot of people is a new digital TV, specially that analog signal for tv will be considered obsolete next year and all networks will be feeding digital signal by then.

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Nov 13, 2008

Gas Prices Are Falling Down

A lot of times when prices go up, its very unlikely to see them go back down. But these days, gas prices seem to be on the right track when it comes to the end consumers. Yesterday, we went to a shopping center (here in northern CA) and their gas price was $2.25 per gallon, not bad considering it was more than $3.00 few months ago. When we went again to the shopping center today, we noticed that gas price went down further, its $2.15 per gallon there. Cant wait to see it in the line of one (1) again.

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Nov 8, 2008

Online Reviews Are Helpful

My husband has a toothache and he needs a dentist around the area that can take care of his toothache. Since we are currently in a new place at this moment and a little far from the previous dentist that we used to go to, we have to find a new one nearby. But finding a new great dentist is not easy. It is difficult to just browse around the yellow pages or the newspaper and pinpoint the first dental ads that comes along. Not knowing a dental office reputation and performance and just blindly walking in to their office is like reserving a hotel that you never heard of before!

Instead of browsing through the newspapers or the yellowbook for a local dentist ads, I searched online for a local dentist. The great thing about some online listings is that there are honest reviews and feedbacks from customers and patients, which is very helpful in deciding which dentist have great and reliable reputations. It is a good thing to know beforehand what is going on with their services and performances before walking in and trusting someone with your health and dental care.

So if you have a dentist in your area, try to share your honest reviews and feedbacks online regarding your visits in that particular dental office because you may never know who you will be able to help in the other end of the web!

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Nov 6, 2008

Decorate Your Room With Modern Furniture

Growing up, when I was still living with my parents and siblings, we all loved to re-arrange our furniture and accessories in our living room a lot. Our living room was quite dynamic because as opportunities arised, we sometimes took the time to rearrange everything there as well as adding some new modern furniture pieces.

A blank room regardless of its size is like a blank canvas waiting for your creativity to make it a usable and livable space for you and your family. Even if you are not really a professional interior designer, you can still make your room look good, maybe just as good as the ones done by the professionals. Sometimes, all we really need is having the access to the right places that provides the right items and tools that we need to make the magic happen.

At website they carry wide variety of really unique and stylish designer modern furniture that are great pieces for designing each room in your home including living room, dining room, bedroom, etc. They carry several types of furniture like contemporay furniture, european furniture, meaning you have more styles and colors to choose from, and decide which ones best fits your needs and personal style.

Nov 4, 2008

Historic Election Day In America

Today, November 4, 2008, is a very important day here in the United States of America because it is the Presidential Election Day. Its been busy months for presidential candidates like John McCain and Barack Obama trying to win each of our votes. With this challenging and rough economic times, we the people, cannot afford to waste our votes or just take it for granted by voting without thinking. With our right to vote, today is definitely a great time to exercise this right and let our voices be heard.

I am not here to campaign and take side for any of the candidate, but I would like to encourage everyone to vote wisely. Vote for someone whom you know and feel is most capable for the job, can handle the task at hand, can contribute good things to the society, and can lead each one of us to a better life (like less taxes, less expenses, less crime, more benefits, more peace and safety, more overall success). Vote wisely and God Bless to all of us!

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Oct 30, 2008

Happy Halloween To All

Trick or treat? It was definitely a treat when we happen to pass by this creative Halloween decoration outside Whole Foods store in Roseville. If you are interested to read more about my The Parade of Pumpkins story, please visit my blog at too. Happy Halloween, be safe, and thank you for your visit here today.

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Oct 28, 2008

Going In The Right Direction

For the past few days, the gas prices has been going down and down and down, which is definitely going in the right direction as far as the end consumers is concerned. Gas prices going down day by day, back to as low as $2.57 per gallon the other day, or a dollar less per gallon compare to a month ago, is a great news specially that the news regarding the economy is not as good these days. But we all deserve a break, a little bit of something good that benefits the many, lower gas prices, is a good thing. I heard in the radio today that there is still a possibility that it may lower a little more, but then goes back up again due to cut down in the oil production?!

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Oct 16, 2008

New Episodes Of Little People Big World Finally

We been wondering what ever happen to the Rolloffs in Oregon the past few months that theres been no new episodes of their hit reality show, Little People Big World. We have been following their show for awhile, almost since the first day that their first episode first showned on TLC.

Last week, my hubby told me that he saw an ad on tv about the show, and a new episode of their show got aired last Monday finally. I like their new front patio and garage makeover, although they didnt show it very well on tv, just a glimpse and parts of the project. At the end of the last episode last year, the Rolloffs family where facing chaos and challenges with their major garage renovation, the family living in a construction area.

In the new episodes that are coming, it seems that their family have bigger tasks to tackle nowadays. Matt went to the Middle East and meet a family there that have three (3) dwarf kids. Matt went face to face with the danger in the middle of the war zone, a glimpse of what our brothers and sisters in the army have to go through when they are stationed there.

Their show, Little People Big World, is making waves specially here in the US, and it is good to know that they are reaching out for those in need and taking actions to actually help people!

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Oct 8, 2008

Comparison Shopping Saves You Money

Different online stores have different prices, that is why online shoppers want to check out several online stores before purchasing an item that they want to buy. But normally, it takes a lot of time and effort to visit each of the online stores inorder to get prices of certain products and compare them to other online stores carrying the same products.

With, you literally eliminate the hassle altogether of comparing prices from different stores by comparing all prices of several online stores carrying the same item all in one convenient location! is a comparison shopping site that allows you to compare prices of certain products from several different stores, saving you time and money.

You can find all kinds of products in website including housewares and gardening items. Knowing which online stores offers you the best deals for a particular product definitely is a win-win situation for you and your budget. If lower price is not enough, make sure to check out more saving deals with coupons and free shipping!

Skunk Somewhere Near

It is definitely not pleasant to wake up early in the morning and realized that a skunk is hiding nearby or passing by your place. My hubby and I had to wake up early with this nightmare this morning. We smelled a skunk. We were inside the house, but we could sensed that there was a skunk somewhere outside, near the house or passing. We have all the under the floor vents properly screened, so we are quite confident that the skunk we smelled was not under our home, thank goodness.

No idea what a skunk is? Chances are you never encountered one, or smelled one, you are lucky. If you are in the United States, ask someone you know about a skunk, and he/she can probably share her/his personal story about his/her encounter with this particular animal with an undesirebable odor.

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Shop Smartly With ShopWiki

Online shopping has gained popularity over these years, but there are still a lot of people that get intimidated, lost and confused about the whole concept of online shopping. But the feeling of uncertainties and intimidation can easily be overcomed by being more informed, more knowledgable, and more aware about everything and anything that is/are available in the internet.

A great place to get a lot of helpful and useful data about variety different products is at where they provide guides and information regarding seceral different products that most consumers are looking for and want to research more about. Knowing in advance all the basic facts about the product before purchasing it usually help consumer gain more confidence about which item works best for them, and which ones meets their needs. The guides provided by in different product category are definitely great resources.

Aside from all the helpful information provided at, you can also find list of different stores carrying the same products, so that it is virtually easy for consumers to compare which stores carries certain items and at what price range.

Best Deals On Off Season Items

We have a wooden bench in our backyard that we bought at Lowes few months ago. It is a great quality bench with classic decorative iron components in it. We been using it all summer but it was hard to have a soda or juice in our hand while seating in the bench because we had no table nearby to place it.

Today, we went to Sears, and was checking out some of their clearance section. I immediately spotted their small outdoor glass table being marked down. I thought it was perfect height and size that will match perfectly with our wooden bench. Although the finished is not exactly identical, they were closed enough and both have light-color finished material, so still work really good together.

It feels great to be seating in our wooden bench with a nice table to use with it. They work really good together, both in purpose and function.

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Keep Your Auto AC Running Great And Beat The Heat

To live here in northern california, it is almost expected to get hot weather temperatures on a daily basis specially during the summer. Weather temperature gets really hot, uncomfortable and unbearable when it is more than 100 degrees fahrenheit, it is normal here but something that it is hard to get used to. It is hard to get comfortable in a hot weather specially inside the car, but having the air conditioning on definitely helps a lot!

Wherever you are, there is bound to be hot weather, sometimes extremely hot. Dont get caught in the middle of hot summer day with a broken air conditioner! Make sure that your car AC is up and running, and all auto ac parts are functioning properly. carries products like air conditioning compressor that you can use to fix or update your car air conditioning. Their website conveniently offers AC compressors for all auto models. The best way to beat the heat during your travels is being equipped with a fully working auto AC.

The Outdoor Fireplace That Got Away

We went to Sears yesterday to buy a plier, when we noticed that they were clearancing off their home and garden seasonal items. There were outdoor furniture set, lounges, outdoor umbrella, barbeque grill, and more. But we noticed that there was an outdoor gas fireplace that was marked down as well. The outdoor gas fireplace was very nice, so elegant, originally priced at $1000+, they were closing it out for less than $300+ yesterday, thats $700+ off! It was tempting, but we dont have a budget for it, really. So we just checked it out, admired it, hoped we can have it in our outdoor patio...

Today, we went to Sears again, and found ourselves being dragged in the home and garden department again, getting curious if the outdoor fireplace has been further marked down. Just like that, the outdoor fireplace was gone, it is no longer on their clearance section. So, we talked to one of the personel of the store about it, and she explained that it was sold yesterday, before the day was over, and she further told us that it was priced so slow, it was practically a steal-deal, almost a give-away. Less than $300 sale price for a $1000+ item is a great marked down for sure, but Im thinking to myself that spending $300 is not really a give-away on the part of the buyer, hehe.

Although, we dont have the budget for it, we always wanted an outdoor fireplace like it someday, but always classic outdoor fireplaces are quite expensive. But seeing the same item at a fraction of the price of what it is normally sold for, it was definitely an outdoor fireplace that got away.

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Oct 3, 2008

Maternity Fashion And Style

Are you pregnant? Chances are, you need to update your wardrobe that you can use for the next nine months during your are pregnancy and have a growing human being inside you. Ordinary clothes that you own are normally not fit for your changing form and body shape during pregnancy. That is why it is important to wear maternity clothes that are specifically design for pregnant women, inorder to accomodate your growing belly without putting any pressure and stress on it. Most tops and dresses that you own for daily normal wears are usually not flexible enough to wear during pregnancy. The good news is, you dont need to compromise fashion and style by wearing maternity clothing because there are several trendy maternity clothes to choose from nowadays.

Women are accustomed to wearing jeans on a daily basis. When you are pregnant, it does not mean that you can no longer wear jeans and pants. Be sure to check out Paige maternity jeans and Juicy maternity jeans for great options on jeans and pants that are suitable to wear during your pregnancy. It is not advisable to wear your normal jeans during pregnancy because they are usually not design to conform with a pregnant woman belly shape and everyday style jeans may cause discomfort and uneasiness because the fabric materials are not flexible enough to work with your growing belly.

Mantis In Our Front Yard

My hubby called me the other day to grab my camera quickly because he wanted me to take a picture of something in the front yard. I grabbed the camera and hurried back to the front of the house, where my hubby was. He then pointed me the praying Mantis in our siding. So I set the camera to macro mode and started taking some photos of the mantis. Honestly, I never seen a praying Mantis until the other day, so to me it was very interesting to witness such a creature. It was a little bit scary because the mantis didnt make a single move, it just stared back at me and I have no idea how safe or dangerous a mantis is, so I was a little guarded but I still managed to take a close up pictures of the insect despite uncertainties and unkown mantis behaviour. It was definitely an interesting experience of the day!

If I have the chance, I will post some photos of the mantis here!

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Oct 1, 2008

Finding Collision Repairers Near You

Being involve in a car collision accident is a hard situation to be in. It does not only affect the people who are involve in the accident emotionally but financially as well with all the aftermath responsibilities that needs to be taken care of to fix the car, up and running and in great condition. Fixing a car thats been involved in a collision accident usually requires an expert in the field to fix it in a safe condition for driving, not just the visual part of it but most specially the mechanical parts of the car. There are not a lot of available experts in collision repairers, but if you are ever in a situation that you need one, be sure to check out to find auto body shop available in areas near you.

Mixed Emotion With The Rain

For the first time for a long long time here in northern CA (where I am at), we are finally hearing in the NEWS to expect some rain late this week or this coming weekends! It is a mixed emotion for us though because we love the rain, we need the rain so badly here in CA, but at this point, our family is NOT ready for the rain to fall very very soon yet because we removed the rain gutter of our house last summer and planned to replace it before winter, of course. But time flies so fast, before we know it rainy season is already here and our house is not fully ready for it! We are extremely busy doing some works outside to finish some of the unfinish works that we started outside in the previous months that will be a problem during rainy days, which is coming up fast and furious. We only have few days left, and we need to get things ready and done, and get the house ready for the rainy days. grr

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Sep 23, 2008

Design Your Space With Stylish Furniture

Having difficulty figuring out what to do with your living space? Are you out of ideas as far as what to do with your existing room that just doesnt make sense as far as style and function?

At web site they have wide variety furniture selections that you can utilize to fill your empty space, large or small. Any type of furniture you can think of, you can probably find it at their online store like bookshelves, ottomans, bar units, room dividers, and a lot lot more! They have wide selection of modern furniture that will be great for updating your space into a pleasant and desireable area.

So if you would like to transform your living area into a modern living room then definitely has unique, cool, and stylish pieces that may help you achieve and materialize your creative vision of transforming a boring room into a desirable space that you can enjoy day after day. Everybody deserves a space where we can relax, enjoy and unwind.

Feeling The Fall Season

Yesterday, September 22, is officially the first day of fall here in the United States. In the NEWS yesterday, we saw the first photo of fall colors in the trees transforming into beautiful bright colors taken somewhere in the north east United States. I truly like the beautiful and stunning transformations of plants during the fall season. I remember when we were travelling towards Lake Tahoe during the fall season one time, we were lucky enough to witness a lot of Aspen Trees with its magnificient bright yellow colors and white barks. In our own yard, we have a Japanese Maple tree that turns into bright deep red during fall. Although, not all trees have fall color changes, there are places all over the states that are known to have best spots to be able to witness these great display of nature. Inorder to see the fall colors, timing is everything, see it before the leaves die down and fall. It is best to do some research which areas have fall colors at what week or month of the year. The trick is, do your research in advance before travelling hundreds of miles, so you wont get disappointed when you arrive there too late, and the trees are already bald. Even if you dont have the budget to fly somewhere to see huge display of fall colors, local areas like shopping malls, parks, city streets, etc have planted trees that some of them changes during fall. Sometimes all you need to do is drive around town and you seeing fall colors may come and greet you!

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Sep 18, 2008

Bedroom Furniture Choices

Few years ago, we had minor redesigning of our master bedroom. We just threw fresh paint in the walls and had different paint color in one wall as an accent wall. But we ended up just reusing the existing mismatch furniture we had at that time, that is why our bedroom makeover didnt came out so great because the furniture we used were either too small and/or too big for the bedroom, and the stained of the wood and the type of wood were different from each other.

At they have several bedroom furniture for sale in different styles. I personally like the contemporary bedroom furniture because of its minimalist design and clean lines and it is easier to find fabric for curtains, sheets, and pillows that will go well with it. I am a great fan of modern bedroom furniture as well because most modern pieces are very rich in style and function. A lot of times, modern furniture goes very well with other modern gadgets and appliances that we already own, so that everything will flow smoothly in a room, complimenting each other rather than looking mismatch.

Wrong Turn

It was very funny because we were on a road trying to get home. In one of our usual routes, we normally use the Lowes store sign in the curb as our landmark to turn towards home. Today, we turned too early, two blocks too early, because a Lowes truck with a huge Lowes logo printed in the side of the vehicle was situated in one corner, two blocks before the landmark . Unknowingly, we ended up turning in the road right where the truck was, thinking it was the store sign in the curb...hehe... But in a matter of minutes, we managed to find our way back to the right road again, whew.

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Sep 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike Aftermath

We were following the weather NEWS both at The Weather Channel and CNN as both channels closely monitored hurricane Ike travelling thru from the atlantic ocean to the gulf sea. After days of watching the daily updates of hurricane Ike as it cruised thru other different countries in the carribean, hurricane Ike finally made landfall in the coast of Texas early dawn last Saturday. It was widely huge storm and the impact that it did in places where it hit was devastating as it caused a lot of damage to both lands and properties, as well as the lives of many people. Many of us may not be in the gulf coast but the NEWS also affects other people, financially and emotionally as well. In the news, they were talking about some oil refinery in the gulf coast that were shut down temporarily as hurricane Ike passed by, and the non-operation could result in higher gas prices nationwide. That was why we hurridly drove to the gas station that very Saturday morning and filled up the gas at $3.59 per gallon price before it could possibly rise up around $4.00 to $5.00 per gallon again, just like when hurricane Katrina hit the coast of New Orleans three years ago. The price didnt go up badly like we thought, so that is great for a change.

Although, hurricane Ike finally left Texas, he left behind devastation and problems in places where it hit. So if you have the means to help those who were deeply affected by the storm, extending your help and support will surely be valuable and will go a long way.

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Sep 4, 2008

Check Out Empire Today For Your Flooring Needs

Are you planning to update the existing floor in your home or office soon or in the near future? Make sure to check out Empire Today, a company that specializes in flooring services. Empire Today offers in-home flooring services for both residential and business locations and utilizes several different types of flooring including carpet, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and ceramic flooring. Empire Today's in-home services allow their customers to have great flexibilities and time management regarding the planning stage up to the installation process of their new floorings.

Getting a new flooring can be an intimadating process for a lot of people. Not only does it takes a lot of time and planning, but it needs proper information and properly trained person(s) to achieve correct installation of your new flooring. Because getting a new flooring is a big investment, depending on the type of flooring you choose, may cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, but when added to your home or office will surely add value to your home and/or make your living space a better and cleaner place to live in. An attempt to install the flooring yourself without proper know-how and knowledge of installing a flooring properly can be a costly mistake and time consuming as well. If you dont have the time, or the knowledge and the technicalities to install a new flooring yourself, this is where Empire Today can do the job for you, properly and professionally. Their experience and expertise in in-home flooring services will definitely give you a peace of mind and the confidence that your hard earn money spent in getting a new flooring will achieve the best results.

If you are busy with work all day and have no time to visit any store during office hours to keep your flooring project plan, up and running, let Empire Today do the job. To get started with your new flooring, simply go to Empire Today website and arrange for an in-home estimate via the internet. Or you can also call 800-588-2300 and get hold of a friendly customer service that will guide you through the process and steps in getting your new floor, when you want it!
And if you are thinking of remodelling your bathroom as well, check out Empire Today bath stories, where satisfied and happy customers share their views and experience as Empire Today customers.

You are only a quick click away towards making your new flooring dream into a reality, simply visit Empire Today website or give them a call at 800-588-2300. Their website offers plenty of information that will guide you through the different types of flooring available and help you find out what best fits your needs. Be sure to check out the Empire Today's online video below:

Not Ready For Changing Season

Here in California, we still have obvious summer days, with triple digits temperature in the weather forecast three (3) days in a row, today, tommorrow and the day after that! I am definitely not looking forward to it because its gonna be too hot to stay out and with the few number of days left for this summer season, I would like more comfortable sunny days to stay outdoors and not have to worry about the rainy days yet. We just bought a new gas barbeque and some outdoor furniture that we bought at cheaper prices because they had been clearance off as ending season sales. And I wish to enjoy them a little bit more before weather gets cold and wet outside. Not a really a good time to complain by having triple digit temperature days because while watching the The Weather Channel and some other telivision NEWS, other parts of the US are having rain and wind these past couple of days. Hurricane Gustav just passed the mid gulf coast the other day that led to more or less two million people to evacuate out of Louisiana, after experiencing a traggic hurricane Katrina three (3) years ago. And this time, hurricane Ike and Hannah are predicted to be going towards the United States as well, particularly in the east coast somewhere around South and/or North Carolinas. Hopefully, as it travel through the atlantic ocean, the hurricane will weaken.

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Aug 26, 2008

Been Watching The 2008 Summer Olympic Games In Beijing

We been following the Summer Olympics Games on telivision as it unfolded on a daily basis in Beijing China. Some of our favorite olympic competitions that we regularly watched were the gymnastic competition, swimming competition, and beach volleyball games. It was exciting to see Michael Phelps won and took home back to the United States a world record breaking eight (8) Gold Medals in a single Olympic! And witnessed Johnson grabbed a Gold Medal on her last gymnastic performace, definitely a great way to end the game! And adrenalin rush building up as Dalhausser and Rogers of USA team beat the Brazilian team in the men's volleyball competition on the third set of the game. Overall, it was great watching the summer olympics this year, its been four years since we watched it on tv as it happened in Greece.

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Aug 8, 2008

Summer Cool Down Today

We been experiencing extreme weather temperature for the past few weeks this summertime. So we have our airconditioning set to an automatic timer to turn on at around 78 degrees fehrenheit to keep the house cooler all day. But today is a different story, for a summer time, the temperature is definitely cooler outside, more or less 90 degrees, so we were able to keep the windows open and grab some fresh breeze for a change. Hopefully there are more cooler days like it this summer.

Jul 30, 2008

Adventurous With Dining In America

I like dining out, although we dont do it all the time because it is quite costly to do it on a daily basis. But most of us enjoy and very passionate about great foods and great restaurants. Most of us have our favorite foods and favorite restaurants, but it is always great to explore new restaurants and taste new menus as well, to know what else is out there and probably discover new favorites! But walking into a restaurant that you never been before nor heard of before can be a disastrous idea specially if you have no clue what type of foods they serve. But dont despair, if you feel like trying out new restaurants in different cities in the US, you can now checkout some of the recognized and great restaurants in different major US cities, and give you an idea in advance what they have and the type of foods they serve, check out WhereTheLocalsEat website.

NOTE: For tips on travels anywhere in the USA, checkout my other blog, too!

Jul 28, 2008

Military Wears And Gears

Whether you work in the military or you are an avid outdoor enthusiast, you can definitely find some really neat stuff at website, where they sell military clothing and variety of different accessories that you can use both at work or at play.

Military wears and gears are hugely popular among outdoor enthusiasts because most of the clothes and accessories are usually designed to withstand rough and tough situations and are made of highest quality materials to meet the high product specifications inorder to qualify for military use. Check out today for great selections of tactical pants, boots, bags, radios, and a lot more!

It Is Possibly The Jalopeño Pepper

Few weeks had passed that there were a major national scare salmonella infected tomatoes which lead to the pulling out of a lot of stocks of tomatoes in most grocery stores and supermarkets nationwide as well and pulling out tomato ingredients in most menus in restaurants and inns. But after awhile of tracing the source of salmonella cases, there is been a recent spread in the news that the source of the samonella cases are possibly coming from jalopeño pepper! Whether this is true or not, it is always good to be aware and keep watch of what you eat.

Jul 22, 2008

Stackable Tables And Chairs For Hire

Expecting a bunch of visitors? Whether you are throwing a party with a lot of invited guests or you called for a business or an organizational meeting and expect a lot of attendees, you can easily accomodate all your visitors seating arrangement by availing unique chairs and tables at Burgess Furniture, where they have wide selections of stylish and modern pieces perfect for most gatherings and occassions like banquet or conferences. Even if you dont have a lot of storage space to store all the tables and chairs, take advantage of the stacking tables and chairs available for sale or hire at Burgess Furniture so that you only need to setup chairs and tables when needed without taking a lot of space for storing them! Each client has unique needs, that is why having the option to either purchase or hire the chairs and tables is a great flexibility for anyone because you can decide whether to purchase one permanetly or just hire one as needed. Gatherings such as huge parties dont happen on a daily basis for everyone, so tables and chairs for hire is such huge help without the huge expense. On the other hand, when you regularly have meetings and/or conferences, it makes sense that you have the necessary seatings available on a regular basis for all attendees, which makes perfect sense to purchase them without the worry of taking a lot of huge storage space because they have stacking tables and chairs available that best fits these needs!

Chicken Meal The Old Fashion Way

When it comes to cooking chicken meats, I always like the traditional way of cooking it, just fry it! Occasionally, i prepare chicken meats with bread crumbs and egg coating, sometimes with a brushed of mayonaise, other times with barbeque sauce in it, and then just baked them at 400 degrees fahrenheit for around an hour. But normally, when I dont want to go through all the hassle of any other ingredients, I usually just fry the chicken with sprinkle of salt. I find it best just to fry the chicken with salt because the natural taste of the chicken prevails, instead of any other flavorings. I got chicken in my brain right now, i am frying one for dinner :-)

Jul 9, 2008

Fashionable Prescription Eyeglasses

Tired with the look of your current prescription eyeglasses? Get a new one today at where they offer wide variety of stylish and fashionable prescription eyeglasses. They have wide selection of frames and offer all types of lenses like single vision lens, tinted suglasses lens, bifocal lens, and more. When you need to wear your eyeglasses everyday wherever you go, you might as well wear the ones that makes you look good and feel good. With all the choices available at, it would be so much easier to find the right style and design that you might like. At, their prescription eyeglasses are priced as low as $8 per eyeglass, so there is no reason not to check their great selection today!

Smoke Is In The Air

Waking up this morning was the worst yet, the air quality and visibility outside is terrible! By just a quick opening of the door, I could smell the smoke already. Its been hard trying to get out outdoors lately dealing with the thick smoke developing all over the place due to all the acreage of fires happening in different parts of California. And the three digit temperature is definitely not helping the whole situation. This afternoon, our car digital thermometer read 113 degrees fahrenheit for outside, thats hot. With how thick the smoke has become, I was able to take a snap shot of the sun this afternoon in a glowing orange color, it is stunning but this effect usually happens when there is a lot of smoke in the air, which is totally unhealthy.

Great Opportunities For Stay-At-Home Moms

Being able to stay at home with the kids, spend time with them, raise them properly, and watch them grow are common characteristics that many mothers have in common. Many mothers out there decide to set their career aside and put their kids as their main priority in life. Before, it was extremely hard to get opportunities that allows you to stay at home and earn at the same time. But with the fast spread of internet users and being online becomes a way of life nowadays, more and more opportunities are developing and easily available, which is a great news for a lot of stay-at-home moms who want the chance to earn money while taking care of their love ones at home. Being able to stay home with the kids and earn cash at the same time to buy some things you need and want and help pay the bills is the best of both worlds for a lot of mothers out there! So, if you have not done already, check out SocialSpark website, where they offers great writing opportunities for all bloggers out there, specially for stay-at-home moms. Blogging opportunities offered by SocialSpark is so perfect for many mommies, who wish to earn extra money while staying at home. SocialSpark website have opportunity listings available in their marketplace section that you can access any time of the day, just pick the ones that you are interested to write about. You heard it right, you have the option to choose which opportunities to reserve and write, post your review in your own blog, and get paid for it! Before, it is so hard to imagine that such opportunities like this ever exist and possible, but now that it is here and ready for the taking, what are you waiting for? All you need is a maintained blog of your own, grab the opportunity, and earn while staying at home!
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Jul 8, 2008

Going Beyond White Paints

Summer and spring time is the best time to update our wall colors and start refreshing the look of the interior of our homes. But deciding which color to paint our wall is not the easiest decision to make. There are hundreds of colors to choose, that is why it can be extremely intimadating to find that one color that make it to your wall! That is why, for many people, they ended up choosing the color white, as the safest color they can find. But white walls can sometimes look so ordinary and so sterile at times. And if you are looking forward to refreshing up the look and feel of the room, be willing to be daring with other colors aside from white. To decide which color to choose, start studying your favorite colors or things, by checking out the colors of clothes that you normally wear, or the decors that you keep on buying, you will have pretty good idea which colors will work with you that you can live with and stare at on a daily basis. Home magazines have plenty of great ideas for home decorating and color coordinations as well. Another great source for repainting your walls and decorating your home is by watching home shows in televisions, where you will gather not only plenty of ideas when it comes to different colors and styles, but most of these tv shows also teach you the proper techniques and steps to do the job! Good luck and happy painting!

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Hire The Right Electrician To Do It Right

Working with electricals can be an intimating jobs for a lot of homeowners. Most electrical jobs are quite complex that non-electrician individuals dont have the proper training and education to make sure that the job will be done right and by code. That is why it is important to contact the right people like Lowry Electric, based in Pennsylvania, who are not only professionally trained to do electrical jobs but also know what they are doing. Lowry Electric offers quality eletrical service with highly-recognized great performance doing heating and air conditioning jobs. When it comes to electricity, heating and cooling units, it is never a good thing to take your chances by hiring somebody who are not sure if they can do the job properly or not. It is always the safest to hire someone that have great track and record performance, qualified individuals who are not only confident in what they are doing, but can deliver the job right as well. And if you are concern with monthly high-energry consumption, check out Power Save 1200 inorder for you to possibly reduce your electricity bill up to around 25 percent!

Triple Digit Temperatures

For many people, comfortable outdoor temperature range around 70-89 degrees fahrenheit. When temperatures hit the triple digits, that is when it is definitely hot and beyond the comfort zone for a lot of us. When it get that hot, it is best to just stay indoors, if you are able to maintain a comfortable room temperature inside. Best ways to cool off your place indoors is by using running the central air, an aircon or an electric fan. House shaded with huge trees seems to be a lot cooler and will help minimize the use of any cooling unit. In some cities, there are designated cooling areas that you can cool off and take cover from the burning sun. If you need to be outdoors in a hot temperature, it helps if you stay in the shaded areas, away from the direct sun, and dont stay outdoor for long period of hours. Some quick cooling activities popular by many people is taking a quick cool shower, or take a quick swim in a cool pool.

Jul 5, 2008

Become A Competent Real Estate Investor

You probably heard it before that if you want a fast way to richness, indulge in real estate! There is probably more people who become rich doing real estate than any other career out there. There are so many individuals that are interested to tap into this promising opportunity, but if you are one of these interested party and you had no proper education nor training regarding real estate investments, then it is best to equip yourself with the right knowledge and techniques first before jumping into the real estate game. At Nouveau Riche University, they teach you the concepts and strategies of real estate investments and prepare you to become a competent real estate investor. Nouveau Riche University is a real estate investment college that offers different courses that you can choose to help you realize your real estate dream. Knowledge is power, without the proper knowledge or know-how, indulging in real estate, which involves huge deals and lots of technicalities, can put you in an overwhelming situation and in a very risky business. Learn the rules, procedures, techniques and strategies of real estate investments at Nouveau Riche University first so that when you are in an actual situation face to face with real estate deals, you know how to execute and successfully play the real estate game.

Our Fourth Of July Celebration

We usually go to fireworks show in the park for the Independence Day (July 4) celebration. But this year, we decided to just check out awesome deals at some stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and Best Buy. Most stores have 10-20 percent discount in most items during Fourth Of July. Although, we didnt buy a lot, nor take advantage of the huge savings we could get, we had a great time window shopping! Instead of going to the park for the firework show in the evening, we decided to just stay home and not travel. Around 8 pm, we headed outside with few snack and drinks in our hands, then checkout the fireworks from the neighbors! To our amazement, we seen a lot of them, mostly fountain or sparkly stuff because those are probably the legal ones to lit in our area...By just staying in our own streets, it was cool that we had the chance to enjoy plenty of great display of fireworks. Most of our neighbors were outside, in the streets, partying, and lighting fireworks. With that, who needs to travel far away to see one? Definitely a great way to save travel gas this year!

Hope you had great Fourth Of July celebration!

Jun 28, 2008

Energy Saving Cordless Vacuums

5238dd240x180public With the growing concern of global warming, more and more people are taking action to help minimize the global warming problem. Some of the most popular ways to save energy nowadays is by using Energy Star approved appliances, windows, and doors. And now, the first ever cordless vacuum that earned the Energy Star approval is the AccuCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac. Help save energy and help save our planet earth, use an energy saving device such as cordless AccuCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac, which uses 70 percent less energy, to clean your home or office on a daily basis as one great way to take active action and be a part of the solution to our energy problem. The fact that AccuCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac is cordless with no messy cord to deal while you vacuum and you are not limited to the distance the cord can reach, it is so convenient and easy to use in different areas of the house. With two great desirable features of being both low energy consumption device and being cordless rolled into one amazing vacuum unit, what else can you ask for? With AccuCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac designed by Dirt Devil, there is no reason for you to feel guilty to clean your space as often as you want because energy consumption is definitely the least of your worries!
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Fireworks Or No Fireworks This July 4

In places where most areas are experiencing dry and drought season, lighting up fireworks this July 4 Independence Day may not be the safest. Before you purchase any fireworks or decide to light up fireworks, it would be sensible if you check the condition of your area first. Lighting fireworks in continued no-rain or drought days may be hazardouz in high fire danger conditions. High fire danger not only directly affects you and your immediate family dwellings but your entire neighborhood as well. If it is too dangerous to lit fireworks this July 4, then dont lit! There are many types of fireworks that are illegal nowadays, so make sure that you check with your local municipality which is illegal and which is not, and be aware who are the legal fireworks retailers and which areas are legal to lit fireworks. To avoid putting yourself in trouble with the law, play fireworks in places where its permitted and legal to do so. Even if it may legal in your area to play with fireworks on July 4, if the weather and condition calls for high fire danger, make a sensible choice to choose safety and pass up lighting up one this fourth of July 4.

Jun 23, 2008

Low Cost Car Rental In Europe

Heading towards Europe? Explore more places, see more of the countryside, in your own pace and in your own time, with rental car you can do just that without spending so much money in car rent. See Europe in new dimension, forget the tour bus, if you rent a car, then you allow yourself total flexibility. Design your trip or your vacation the way you want to see it. See the parts of Spain, Italy, and/or France that you really want to see! You definitely do not need a tour guide telling you every step that you should take, every turn that you should make in your own vacation. If you rent a car in your vacation and gear up with maps and directions, you can design your own vacation the way you want it, and give you the best flexibilities and control as far as which places you want to see that interest you.

See Spain, Italy, France, or other Europian countries your way, get low cost car rental at
Argus Car Hire, where they offer affordable rates with no hidden charges and no surprises, just great deals for you. Car hire in France or in Spain at cheap rates without sacrificing enjoyment and fun driving, check out Argus Car Hire, website today!

Dealing With Bad Air Quality

When there is a lot of fire burning in your area, the air quality can be dangerously unhealthy for you and your family to inhale. Many places monitor the air quality and share such information to the public, mostly by NEWS report, inorder to alert everyone of any danger zone air quality. One of the most common cause that affects air quality is when there is fire in your area causing smoke to fill the air. Depending on the gust and direction of the wind, even if your area dont have any fire, the wind may still carry the smoke from other areas. One perfect indication of an alarming amount of smoke in the air is when it gets so hazy and/or when you can actually smell the smoke. If you can smell it, you can breath it, and it can get it into your lungs. Being concern with dangerous level of smoke or bad air quality should not be only for people with asthma or individuals with breathing problems. Even if you are healthy and have no breathing problems or similar illness, inhaling smoke is still unhealthy and could possibly lead to some breathing or lung problem in the near future if you continue to ignore bad air quality. So when the air quality outdoor is too dangerous to be outside, it is better just to stay indoor, close all doors and windows, and minimize your outdoor activities for the meantime, until it is safe to stay outside.

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Jun 20, 2008

Blogging Opportunities Available

Do you own and maintain your own blog? Why not start writing reviews and posts about companies and products and make money for it? Bloggerwave provides writing opportunities for bloggers who wish to write reviews about several different topics. It is so easy to join, just sign up at their online site and submit your blog/blogs for approval. Once your blog is approve, Bloggerwave will assign you task/tasks that your blog is qualified for, that easy!

Watching The Stars In Circus

One of new tv show we been watching is the Celebrity Circus, where popular celebrities/stars like Christopher Knight of the The Brady Bunch perform dangerous and professional circus moves infront of a live stage audience. Celebrity Circus is a competition between the participating stars which allows the tv audience to vote for their favorites which will be the determining factor if who will stays and who will go. With time constrainst and challenging circus moves, each of the participating celebrity performs live on stage and on tv his/her new learned skills, just like the professional circus gurus do it! It is exhilarating and sometimes make the audience speechless to see each of the star perform live since most of the circus moves needs intense training and concetration like playing with fire, walking on a thin wire high above the ground, circling in a German Wheel, etc. But it is amazing that most of the stars perform their moves really good as if they have years of training. Its a cool show.

Quality Work Boots

Whether you work hard or play hard, wearing the right footwear definitely matters. Wearing the right work boots that will give you both comfort and protection for going out and working is essential to keep you feet in best shape and protected. At Work Boots USA website, they offer name brands and high quality boots for both men and women with several different styles to choose from. No one should sacrifice anyones feet by wearing unsafe boots for both work or play. Check out Work Boots USA today for high quality and stylish work boots.

Tommorrow Is Officially Summer

Its been weeks since the weather here in west coast feels like summer already, but as far as calendar days, the summer season (here in the US) will officially starts tommorrow, June 21.

Many family are perflexed what to do this summer time. With the soaring gas prices, a road trip is definitely the last thing in anyones mine right now. A beach getaway is definitely a favorite thing to do on a summer day for many of us, but if a person live far away from the ocean, then going to the beach might turnout to be a costly one. As a alternative for cooling down this summer days, an easy-to-install swimming pool that you can buy around $50 to $300, depending on the size and quality of the pool, would be a perfect alternative to keep cool this hot summer day.

If you have toddlers and kids in the family, make sure that you take the extra precautions and safety measures to keep them safe and off the pool unattended. Fun is great, but make safety the first priority.

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Jun 16, 2008

I Signed Up For SocialSpark

I had been getting email invitations from IZEA inviting me to checkout their recently launched SocialSpark website. Since I did not have a lot of time to check it out right away, it took me a little while before I finally got the chance to visit the site and check it out in detail. After roaming around the site navigations and menus, SocialSpark website definitely sounds very interesting and promising, so I decided to sign up.

SocialSpark is an online destination where bloggers can hangout and checkout different opportunities as well as meet other bloggers and have the chance to interact with them and check out their blogs as well. SocialSpark is definitely a great interactive place for all bloggers, allowing each and everyone to rate each others blogs, leave comments or messages, and be a part of a worldwide blogging community. Aside from interacting with each other, the SocialSpark marketplace allows bloggers to have their blogs approve by the SocialSpark administration so that they can grab several blogging opportunities and enjoy the benefits of earning while blogging and writing a post review about a company or a product. SocialSpark code of ethics are as follows:

-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly

After I signed up for SocialSpark, I submitted some of my blogs inorder for SocialSpark admin to approve my blogs inorder for me to have the chance to grab some of the opportunities listed in the marketplace section of the site. There are plenty of opportunities available, the site is very user-friendly that it is easy to filter in/out the opportunities that are open and available, depending on the ranking of each blog.

So if you have not checkout SocialSpark yet, make sure that you check it out anytime soon. Whether you are looking for great blogging opportunities or just wish to meet fellow bloggers out there and check out their blogs, SocialSpark is the destination to do both!

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Jun 6, 2008

Soaring Gas Prices

Nowadays, gas prices is definitely one of the talk of the century. Wherever you go, you hear people complaining about the non-stop increase on a daily basis of gas prices and along comes with the soaring gas prices is the prices of basic commodoties including foods and shelter because these items are directly and/or indirectly dependent and affected by the gas prices like transportation, deliveries, etc.

The other day, it was radical how we checked out the gas price at Costco, in the entrance of their store, which said $4.18 per gallon, which was cheaper compare to other gasoline stations, really. Few minutes after, when we came out of the store, the gas price in front was changed quickly to $4.21 per gallon. All we could really utter was wooo, because in just a matter of minutes it changed from $4.18 to $4.21 per gallon. But then when we drove off the store and passed by other gasoline stations, they have far worst prices, $4.30++

When I opened my Internet Explorer browser, the article fronting the Yahoo page this morning is titled Death Of SUV, which talked about how this machines eats so much gas that they are becoming unpopular and now being parked and unused.

Just wondering, what car are you driving, compact hybrid or SUV?

May 28, 2008

My Top 5 Things To Do

My Top 5 things to do today are:

1. Finish a detailed floor plan drawing of house I need to finish
2. Go to USPS office to drop off a mail
3. Go to the plumbing store with my hubby so we can fix our broken shower
4. Go to Home Depot or Lowes to check out and compare prices of some items
5. Do blog hopping and blogging, been so long!

Thank you
Chant for giving me the chance to line up my things to do for the day! I am passing this tag to all my co-blogger who are interested to answer this, please feel free.

May 27, 2008

French Door Fridges

Many family spend plenty of their time in the kitchen, that is why it is quite fitting for most of us to have the appliances like refrigerator and oven that we really like that will work best for our needs. I personally like the french door fridges because not only do they look high-end, they are also very functional. The great thing about french door refrigerators is they offer the option to open a single door or both doors, depending on what we need in the refrigerator at that time. It is so much easier to place or remove huge trays and bowls from the refrigerator when we can open the french door wide open. And if we are only grabbing a little item from the fridge, being able to open only one side of the door makes it more convenient as well as energy efficient because there is less cold energy that can escape.

Hidden Behind The Blooming Flowers

We recently check out a beautiful botanical garden with amazing collections of colorful plants and flowers. But only after few minutes of being there, we realized that there were several mosquitoes all over the beautiful area.

Most mosquitoes frequent in dumped and wet places, and since most garden are watered and can collect standing water in some parts of the plants and yard, it is common for mosquitoes to hang out in many garden areas. It is therefore necessary for us to protect ourselves from being bitten by mosquitoes because some mosquitoes may be infected and they can be carrier of diseases like west nile virus that they got from birds that mosquitoes can possibly transmit to humans.

So if you plan to stay outdoors to enjoy your flower garden or simply want to have a relaxing nap in your outdoor hammack, applying mosquitoes repellant will definitely make you less attractive to mosquitoes and better chances of keeping mosquitoes off you.

To all my fellow bloggers, sorry for my days absence here at blogosphere, I had to do some running around and also went out a little bit and enjoy the sunny outdoors, now that winter is over. I will be reviewing the messages in the tagboard as well, starting messages way back last April.

May 11, 2008

Greetings To All Mothers Out There

Today is Mothers Day here in the USA and probably in other parts of the world as well. Although, it is always great to appreciate our unselfish and caring mothers on a daily basis, it is extremely important as well that we celebrate Mothers Day inorder to give them a special day worth celebrating and let them know that we appreciate their motherhood that much and all the things that they have done for us, all the sacrifices, effort and time that they so willingly share with us.

My mother passed away few years ago, and it is not the same to live in this world without having the chance to see or talk to my mother anymore, there is that part in me that will always be missing because she is no longer alive and it is a terrible feeling. But her presence, love, and kindness will always be remembered and cherished in my heart and in my soul. Same goes with my grandmother who was very close to my heart...

Let your mother know that you love and appreciate them. Dont let this opportunity to let them know that you love and appreciate your mother and grandmother pass you by. Happy Mothers Day to all mothers out there!

May 4, 2008

Thank Goodness For Washing Machines

I grow up as a kid not using the washing machine for our laundry. We had a washer and dryer but we only occassionally used it for bed sheets and other super heavy fabrics like curtains and sofa covers. But for our everyday clothes, everything was done by hand, that is why it was a heaven sent that every weekend we have a helper for doing the laundry, also known as Labandera, to help us with the loads of clothes to wash. Now that I am married, I have to do the washing for the family. Good thing that washing machines are essential in most household nowadays, that way i dont have to rub every single clothes I wear trying to clean it. I normally dont run the washing machine on a daily basis. In fact, I only do the laundry once a week, usually during the weekends. To save electricity, I always try to accumulate like colors clothings before I run them all at once in the washing machine, that way I dont waste water, electricity, soaps, and time trying to clean few clothes, when I can use almost the same amount for more clothes.

Factory Direct Technical Furniture

Most people spend a lot of time working, that is why getting comfortable and having the right tools, equipments, and furniture at job site is essential inorder to help us perform our tasks and functions better and easier. I do a lot of work in the computer that is why it is important for me that the chair i use supports my back properly and my feet touches the floor so that I can relax my leg muscle at anytime. While browsing at Formaspace website, they sells factory direct office furniture including tables and chairs, workbench, storage units like cabinets, and more. Formaspace have wide variety of products ideal for all types of work environment including laboratories, drafting area, computer lab, and other industrial spaces or offices.

Apr 30, 2008

Airline Tickets Cancelled

It is extremely frustrating to book an airline tickets early inorder to get a great deal and save only to find out later that the reserved airline tickets are cancelled. Many people here in the US have to go through this hassle nowadays, including us with our interstate flights. Few months ago, we reserved interstate plane tickets for this summer, unfortunately, the airline company discontinued their service and cancelled our flight and no complimentary replacement flight were offered so we had no choice but fight on getting our a refund.

If you have scheduled flights that were previously reserved, it would be best to check your email or airline company to make sure that your flight is still good to go. When our flight was cancelled, we didnt get any phone call at all, we only received one email to informed us about the cancellation, good thing that the email didnt end up in the spam sectioned being filtered as spam. The one email was our only way of knowing that our flight got cancelled. It is therefore advisable that you re-affirm your flight schedule days before the actual flight to make sure that you will not ended up in the airport ready to fly, but no airplane!

Online Shopping Cart

In todays world, most of us if not all of us are already connected online, which means that each individual that is online is also a potential buyer or customer, if you happen to have your own online store. But if you dont own your online store yet but you been dreaming for so long to tap into this worldwide market, getting started to build an online store is not as complicated as it used to be. Nowadays, you can easily utilize a shopping cart software that is turn-key, all you need is to have the product to sell, and the pre-designed ecommerce software is the main backbone of your online store, just add your products to sell and your online store is ready to go live and let buyers make a purchase. With AShop shopping cart, you get turn-key ecommerce solution to help you jumpstart your online business. To familiar yourself with AShop shopping cart software, why not test drive the program today by availing the 10-day free trial offered by AShop Commerce.

Apr 26, 2008

Melting Milk Chocolate

I am currently blogging, and my hubby just handed me a Hershey Milk Chocolate with Almonds to eat :-P We grabbed a pack of chocolate the other day in the grocery store. When we were eating the chocolate inside the car, we could see how the chocolate was melting so quickly right before our eyes, thats how hot it got here already and its not even summer yet. Its only like yesterday that we had really freezing temperatures, but these days, it gets really hot pretty quickly, specially inside the car, that is why we take every opportunity to take a shaded parking when available, even when its only a speck of shade, every bit of shade helps.

Military Wears And Gears

One of my favorite clothes pattern is green camouflauge because it is great for all around casual wear. I own some long pants, short pants, and some shirts in camo that I like to wear in casual or outdoor activities. I like wearing camo prints because I dont have to worry about my attire getting dirty and I have the opportunity to focus more on the fun activity at hand. And I like the fact that most military clothes are designed sturdy inorder to withstand rough and tough situation, so it is definitely more lasting and great for outdoor activities.

If you are thinking of buying military clothes yourself to use either for your military career or for an outdoor activites, one great online store that offers several military wears and gears is LA Police Gear. They have several types of products including hi-tech gears,
BDU pants etc which are ideal for both military personnels and outdoor enthusiasts.

Apr 21, 2008

The Milky Decision

Later today I had a quick run to the supermarket to get a gallon of milk because I just remembered that when I checked the ref last night, we were out of milk. So I had to stop by at the grocery quick to get a gallon of milk. But when I scanned the store refrigerator, i noticed that a gallon of milk is $4.49 while if I buy 2 gallons of milk at the same time, I would get huge discount because it will only cost $5.49 for two, it is like buying the other gallon for only $1.00. But at the same time, I know that I can only fit one gallon of milk in our ref tonight because it is fully loaded with all kind of foods and drinks. I stared at the store ref pondering about which way to go, buy a gallon or two gallons...It sucks when grocery stores make things so difficult huh. Definitely out of proportion to price a gallon for $4.49 and the additional gallon, if you buy two, for only $1.00 for the next gallon. Why not make it simple and spread the savings to everyone, give savings regarless if we buy a gallon, or two or three gallons of milk..

Overall, its not just the price of milk that everyone nowadays are concern of. It is hard to believe that the prices of basic commodoties these days are outrageously high. Here in northern CA, the average price of gas per gallon today is $3.75, shocks, I just hope that we wont be hearing in the news anytime soon about some companies having record breaking profits. I dont exactly know how far you can go with a gallon of gas, if you are using an SUV, probably 7-10 miles per gallon? If only someone can can up with water to power our cars nowadays, wouldnt that be something really cool and neat.

Apr 9, 2008


Ladies are best known for their ability to multi-task and they are good at it. I, for one, usually find myself doing so many things all at once. For the past few hours I been extremely busy throwing dirty clothes in the laundry, while cooking dinner for us, at the same time went through the mountful of junk mails coming delivered in our mailbox on a daily basis, and also browse trough some of the magazines that I subscribed. I am quite positive that multi-tasking like this is not a stranger to many ladies out there! We are known to multi-task a lot, and usually we get more things done in record time. The feeling of accomplishing a lot of things on the to-do list is amazing but the process of trying to do everything all at once can sometimes be plain exhausting and stressful, so as a break, I decided to write this post and give myself a break from all the things I been doing and I need done...

Anyone of you done filing your taxes already before the set deadline? If so, i salute you, definitely a wise decision to prepare it early.

Apr 4, 2008

Love Circle Of Friends Award

Thanks for this tag. In life, no one can survive on its own, no one is an island. If we join hand in hand and get united, we will definitely become a stronger group, a stronger nation and more united citizens of the world.

The Circle Of Bloggers:
1 -
Clicking Mouse
2 -
3 -
Dogs Circle
4 -
Fifty States Travel
5 -
Planting Diary
6 -
Make Life Unexpected
7 -
Honestly Fresh
8 - Your NEXT!!

If your blog is not yet added on the The Circle Of Bloggers above, please feel free to add your blog in the list, and dont forget to pass the tag to your friends and families and let the list grows. I would like to pass this Love Circle Of Friends Award to all my co-bloggers listed below:

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