Mar 29, 2008

Fantastic Blogger Award

My co-blogger Chant awarded me with this Fantastic Blogger Award more than a month ago, but i didnt have the chance to grab it right away. But I definitely appreciate this, that is why its been in my mind and I am aware that I have this award to grab! Thank You Chant for awarding me with this one! Truly appreciate it :-)

I would like to forward this award to
Gen and Ging

Mar 26, 2008

Comparison Mall Shopping

When it comes to shopping, it always takes more time and energy checking out different stores comparing deals and researching inorder to get the most savings, than it takes time to pay the ones that you finally want to buy. So it is definitely both time saving and money saver to shop at Digxa, a shopping comparison mall that allows you to compare all types of products that are being sold from several different online stores so you dont have to visit each store one by one inorder to know which among the stores has the best prices and the best deals. The amount of time alone that you save from going through each individual stores is already a huge deal, being able to price shop by seeing a product side by side from different stores, definitely gives you a quick response to the one question that most online shoppers have in mind: Which store have the cheapest price for a product? The great thing about Digxa comparison is that it provides ratings for each of the stores that carries the product so you have an idea which sellers or stores have great reputation and reliable service.

Shopping for the best deals is definitely an attribute of a smart shopper, and utilizing a shopping comparison mall is defnitely a wise way to shop. More money you save during shopping means more money left in your pocket, right?

A Two Layer Pudding Experiment

My hubby is having a toothache for few days so I have to come up with more softer foods for him to eat. Foods that do not require a lot of chewing before swallowing. Yesterday morning, I cooked a hearty recipe of one-minute cook Quaker Oats.

Today, we swing by a grocery store, so we decided to buy some Jello Pudding mixes. We always buy the Cook and Serve mixture Jello in a box, which it only needs liquid milk to add and either oven top or microwave cooking to actually prepare it. We bought both chocolate and vanilla pudding flavors.

Normally, I dont prepare both chocolate and vanilla in a day. But today, I decided to twist the recipe a little bit. I decided to cook the chocolate pudding via microve in a bowl. And cook the vanilla pudding in another bowl. Once the pudding thickened and cooled off a little bit, I filled the clear glasses halfway with chocolate pudding as first layer, and then on top of it, add the vanilla layer filling each of the glass. I just made sure that the first layer thicken well enough to be able to handle to weight of the upper layer without having both mixture get mixed.

For best visual effect, definitely recommends using a clear glass so that you can see the different layers, both chocolate and vanilla, and it looks more inviting and attractive. I actually havent eaten what I made yet coz they are still being chilled in the ref right now. Few hours from now, it should be chilled and ready to serve. Doesnt need a lot of chewing to eat it, so I hope my hubby will appreciate the effort that I have done, by eating it and hopefully liking it!

Mar 18, 2008

Longest Line

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I passing this great oppurtunity to EVERYONE, including YOU, if you dont see your blog in the list above! Please do not hesitate to join the fun and join the line. Joining this line will surely help your ranking as well. All you need to do, is post this in your blog and follow the instruction written above, thats it. Definitely a win-win for all who join.

Mar 15, 2008

Oven Cleaning Before Baking

I was about to bake the thawed chicken halves when I noticed that the lighting in the oven is already dark with greese residue. So I tried to grab some paper towel, dumped it with some water, and tried scrubbing the interior of the oven. But everything was sticking like a glue, nothing will come out. Good thing that the oven comes with auto-cleaning feature, which make it so easy to clean the whole messy gressy oven thingy. The self-cleaning feature is so easy actually, we just removed all the catch-crumb tray and all the racks, and press the button CLEAN. The oven automatically locked the whole unit until it is done, which is great to avoid anyone from opening the unit accidentally while it is on cleaning cycle and it is extremely hot. The cleaning cycle took around three hours total and all we did was wait for it to be done. As soon as the cleaning was done, the oven interior looked so brand new, no signs any ekky grease, whatsover, just few ashed particles that needed to be wipe off.

After the oven finally cooled off from the self-cleaning process, I started cooking the chicken halves. Instead of using a beaten egg to moisten the chicken meats inorder for the bread crumbs to stick into, I brushed some mayonaise into the chicken meats instead and then sprinkle the meats with bread crumbs. Thirty minutes before the baked chicken would be done, I prepared the Chicken Rice-A-Roni to go with the baked chicken. Everything came out perfect, it was a great meal. Cannot wait to have the same meal in a week or so. I try not to cook the same recipe over and over in successive days because it gets really tiring to eat the same flavor or recipe everyday.

Mar 8, 2008

Secure And Decorative Mailboxes

I personally think that having a secure and safe mailbox in the property is very important for all household nowadays. Knowing that most mailboxes in many residences are located outside or outdoor near the road, it is most visible to bypassers and strangers. That is why it is important nowadays to switch to a more secure locked mailboxes inorder to keep your mails only to yourself and keep it safe from mail theives. Mailboxes available at SeattleLuxe online store not only have great decorative and elegant looking mailboxes, but also highly functional and definitely keep your mails secure.

Whether you are looking for a residential or a commercial mailbox, SeattleLuxe has it all! You will find nice decorative residential mailboxes in all shapes and sizes, so you have great options to choose which fits best with your outdoor decors and theme. Keep in mind that every little touch counts when it comes to curb appeal, that is why replacing a run down and old mailbox, that you have for so long, might happen to be what is needed to complete the look and feel of your front yard!

If you expect high volume of mails each and everyday because you manage a business or run your own company, then you will find all types of different variety of mailboxes at SeattleLuxe that can accomodate these special needs as well. Each company or business have its own unique space where you can possibly place a mailbox, that is why having all types of choices allows you to determine which one best suits and meets your need and where to put it.

Mar 6, 2008

Heart Pumping Ride After A Great Meal

Yesterday was definitely a mixed emotion for us. We went to our favorite Chinese restautant and ordered a Sweet and Sour Pork and steamed rice for our meal. The food came out great and everything was perfect. We been to the same restaurant a lot, so a lot of the people who work there recognize us by our faces. During our visit yesterday, we were served by a new waiter, whom we never seen before in that restaurant. But he was just as friendly and accomodating as the rest of the crew. When he handed us the change for our bill, my hubby noticed that the waiter gave us $4.00 more! We dont want him to be in trouble with the cashier audit at the end of the day, so we left the $4.00 extra plus the tip for him in the table. We also told him about it before we left the restaurant, so he will be aware, and next time we go there, he wont expect that we are over-the-top tippers :-)

Just as was we pulled out off the driveway of the restaurant and drove to the main road, there was a bumper to bumper traffic. Then the signal changed, and the cars started moving slowly. While waiting for the cars to move, we noticed a guy driver in the turn lane, his car facing the driver side of our car. But obviously he was not aware that we were there in front of him, because as soon as the road in our back was cleared, the guy driver started hitting his gas and driving towards us. We were there right in front of him, thank God that were were able to swing to the other lane very very quickly and safely and move forward at once despite the amount of traffic there was, and managed to avoid from getting hit by the guy car and his absent-minded attitude! It was crazy why he was not aware that our car was right in his front, he only checked the clearance on his right side, not his front, before trying to turn! Grrr.

I guess it was good karma that we were spared from being hit brutally that could easily spin our car, get dinged, and get pushed to all other cars in the road, and could possibly roll us upside down :-( The $4.00 extra that we returned to the waiter, must have saved us from an accident? I guess it is good to put things in this perspective, so more and more people will be encouranged to do good or be honest.

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