Apr 30, 2008

Airline Tickets Cancelled

It is extremely frustrating to book an airline tickets early inorder to get a great deal and save only to find out later that the reserved airline tickets are cancelled. Many people here in the US have to go through this hassle nowadays, including us with our interstate flights. Few months ago, we reserved interstate plane tickets for this summer, unfortunately, the airline company discontinued their service and cancelled our flight and no complimentary replacement flight were offered so we had no choice but fight on getting our a refund.

If you have scheduled flights that were previously reserved, it would be best to check your email or airline company to make sure that your flight is still good to go. When our flight was cancelled, we didnt get any phone call at all, we only received one email to informed us about the cancellation, good thing that the email didnt end up in the spam sectioned being filtered as spam. The one email was our only way of knowing that our flight got cancelled. It is therefore advisable that you re-affirm your flight schedule days before the actual flight to make sure that you will not ended up in the airport ready to fly, but no airplane!

Online Shopping Cart

In todays world, most of us if not all of us are already connected online, which means that each individual that is online is also a potential buyer or customer, if you happen to have your own online store. But if you dont own your online store yet but you been dreaming for so long to tap into this worldwide market, getting started to build an online store is not as complicated as it used to be. Nowadays, you can easily utilize a shopping cart software that is turn-key, all you need is to have the product to sell, and the pre-designed ecommerce software is the main backbone of your online store, just add your products to sell and your online store is ready to go live and let buyers make a purchase. With AShop shopping cart, you get turn-key ecommerce solution to help you jumpstart your online business. To familiar yourself with AShop shopping cart software, why not test drive the program today by availing the 10-day free trial offered by AShop Commerce.

Apr 26, 2008

Melting Milk Chocolate

I am currently blogging, and my hubby just handed me a Hershey Milk Chocolate with Almonds to eat :-P We grabbed a pack of chocolate the other day in the grocery store. When we were eating the chocolate inside the car, we could see how the chocolate was melting so quickly right before our eyes, thats how hot it got here already and its not even summer yet. Its only like yesterday that we had really freezing temperatures, but these days, it gets really hot pretty quickly, specially inside the car, that is why we take every opportunity to take a shaded parking when available, even when its only a speck of shade, every bit of shade helps.

Military Wears And Gears

One of my favorite clothes pattern is green camouflauge because it is great for all around casual wear. I own some long pants, short pants, and some shirts in camo that I like to wear in casual or outdoor activities. I like wearing camo prints because I dont have to worry about my attire getting dirty and I have the opportunity to focus more on the fun activity at hand. And I like the fact that most military clothes are designed sturdy inorder to withstand rough and tough situation, so it is definitely more lasting and great for outdoor activities.

If you are thinking of buying military clothes yourself to use either for your military career or for an outdoor activites, one great online store that offers several military wears and gears is LA Police Gear. They have several types of products including hi-tech gears,
BDU pants etc which are ideal for both military personnels and outdoor enthusiasts.

Apr 21, 2008

The Milky Decision

Later today I had a quick run to the supermarket to get a gallon of milk because I just remembered that when I checked the ref last night, we were out of milk. So I had to stop by at the grocery quick to get a gallon of milk. But when I scanned the store refrigerator, i noticed that a gallon of milk is $4.49 while if I buy 2 gallons of milk at the same time, I would get huge discount because it will only cost $5.49 for two, it is like buying the other gallon for only $1.00. But at the same time, I know that I can only fit one gallon of milk in our ref tonight because it is fully loaded with all kind of foods and drinks. I stared at the store ref pondering about which way to go, buy a gallon or two gallons...It sucks when grocery stores make things so difficult huh. Definitely out of proportion to price a gallon for $4.49 and the additional gallon, if you buy two, for only $1.00 for the next gallon. Why not make it simple and spread the savings to everyone, give savings regarless if we buy a gallon, or two or three gallons of milk..

Overall, its not just the price of milk that everyone nowadays are concern of. It is hard to believe that the prices of basic commodoties these days are outrageously high. Here in northern CA, the average price of gas per gallon today is $3.75, shocks, I just hope that we wont be hearing in the news anytime soon about some companies having record breaking profits. I dont exactly know how far you can go with a gallon of gas, if you are using an SUV, probably 7-10 miles per gallon? If only someone can can up with water to power our cars nowadays, wouldnt that be something really cool and neat.

Apr 9, 2008


Ladies are best known for their ability to multi-task and they are good at it. I, for one, usually find myself doing so many things all at once. For the past few hours I been extremely busy throwing dirty clothes in the laundry, while cooking dinner for us, at the same time went through the mountful of junk mails coming delivered in our mailbox on a daily basis, and also browse trough some of the magazines that I subscribed. I am quite positive that multi-tasking like this is not a stranger to many ladies out there! We are known to multi-task a lot, and usually we get more things done in record time. The feeling of accomplishing a lot of things on the to-do list is amazing but the process of trying to do everything all at once can sometimes be plain exhausting and stressful, so as a break, I decided to write this post and give myself a break from all the things I been doing and I need done...

Anyone of you done filing your taxes already before the set deadline? If so, i salute you, definitely a wise decision to prepare it early.

Apr 4, 2008

Love Circle Of Friends Award

Thanks for this tag. In life, no one can survive on its own, no one is an island. If we join hand in hand and get united, we will definitely become a stronger group, a stronger nation and more united citizens of the world.

The Circle Of Bloggers:
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If your blog is not yet added on the The Circle Of Bloggers above, please feel free to add your blog in the list, and dont forget to pass the tag to your friends and families and let the list grows. I would like to pass this Love Circle Of Friends Award to all my co-bloggers listed below:

Magical Days In Orlando Florida

Few years ago, my family and I went to Orlando Florida for a two-weeks family vacation. And I should say that when it comes to family vacation and fun, Orlando Florida definitely offers wide variety of great things to do for the entire family.

When we were in
Orlando Florida, we went to Disney World parks including my two favorite ones, Epcot and Animal Kingdom. Epcot features several different cultures and traditions of different nations so it was very nice to be expose to the different lifestyles, way of dressing of different nationalities, and unique artifacts that are available from other countries. And being on Animal Kingdom allowed us to see face to face some wild animals that we dont get to see everyday on a regular basis. While in Orlando Florida, we also had the chance to see some tricks and sets used for movie-making at Universal Studio. And spend time with magnificient sea creatures like whales and dolphins at Seaworld.

Fun does not stop even when the sky goes dark because there are plenty of dinner shows that are available in Orlando Florida, My favorite dinner show is the Arabian Knights because not only do they have great food but very entertaining and magical live show as well. I heard that the horses at Arabian Knights are well treated, which make it even more easier to support and enjoy their show.

So if you are thinking of taking a family vacation, Orlando Florida is definitely a great choice because they have wide variety of activities for the entire family. To help you with your
family vacation ideas and planning, checkout Trusted Tours & Attractions where they have plenty of great vacation and tour packages to choose from in many different states like a visit to San Diego Zoo in Southern CA. While you are on their site, dont forget to sign up for Trusted Travels eNewsletter and enter to win an IPOD Nano! Offer ends Monday, March 31st, 2008.

Apr 2, 2008

Cellphone Calls While Driving

Knowing that California will apply the hands-free driving law when using cellphone while driving is definitely improve safety measures necessary to prevent possible driving accidents due to unattentive and distracted drivers. Drivers who talk on the phone while driving can be extremely distracting and dangerous because you could loose focus on the road because part of your mind is actually in the conversation that progresses over the phone! Having steering one hand and the other hand on the phone, like dialing or texting, will keep drivers eyes off the road and into the phone and the drivers focus will never be 100 percent on the road and the cars around him/her.

While on the road, there are definitely times I noticed some drivers adbrutly and unsafely slowing down, or swirving a little bit, and when I take a glance, such drivers were busy talking on the phone with one hand off the steering wheel. I saw these quite often in the road, and sometimes talking over the phone while driving definitely affects someones focus and performance.

Instead of talking over the phone while driving, it would be best to tell your caller that you are on the road, and tell your caller that you will call him/her back as soon as you arrive and off the road, and Im sure your caller will understand if he/she is concern about your safetly on the road. It is also much safer to pull over in a safe area when you hear your phone ringing before you take the call specially when you are on a busy road. Or why not allow miss calls? Besides, most cellphone nowadays will register the caller id of the caller, so as soon as you are off the road, you can call back the missed calls. You also have the option to avail the voice mail additional feature/service for your cellphone and allow your phone to take a message of your caller while you are driving, and then review your voice messages as soon as you are off the road and safely in your destination. Althought, I personally think that this is not the safest nor the best solution to the growing problem of lossing focus while driving, but it is probably better to use speaker phone or one-ear headset instead of having one hand on the phone while driving, this way both hands are actually on the steering wheel like they should be.

Written by ©JazeVox

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