Aug 26, 2008

Been Watching The 2008 Summer Olympic Games In Beijing

We been following the Summer Olympics Games on telivision as it unfolded on a daily basis in Beijing China. Some of our favorite olympic competitions that we regularly watched were the gymnastic competition, swimming competition, and beach volleyball games. It was exciting to see Michael Phelps won and took home back to the United States a world record breaking eight (8) Gold Medals in a single Olympic! And witnessed Johnson grabbed a Gold Medal on her last gymnastic performace, definitely a great way to end the game! And adrenalin rush building up as Dalhausser and Rogers of USA team beat the Brazilian team in the men's volleyball competition on the third set of the game. Overall, it was great watching the summer olympics this year, its been four years since we watched it on tv as it happened in Greece.

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Aug 8, 2008

Summer Cool Down Today

We been experiencing extreme weather temperature for the past few weeks this summertime. So we have our airconditioning set to an automatic timer to turn on at around 78 degrees fehrenheit to keep the house cooler all day. But today is a different story, for a summer time, the temperature is definitely cooler outside, more or less 90 degrees, so we were able to keep the windows open and grab some fresh breeze for a change. Hopefully there are more cooler days like it this summer.

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