Sep 23, 2008

Design Your Space With Stylish Furniture

Having difficulty figuring out what to do with your living space? Are you out of ideas as far as what to do with your existing room that just doesnt make sense as far as style and function?

At web site they have wide variety furniture selections that you can utilize to fill your empty space, large or small. Any type of furniture you can think of, you can probably find it at their online store like bookshelves, ottomans, bar units, room dividers, and a lot lot more! They have wide selection of modern furniture that will be great for updating your space into a pleasant and desireable area.

So if you would like to transform your living area into a modern living room then definitely has unique, cool, and stylish pieces that may help you achieve and materialize your creative vision of transforming a boring room into a desirable space that you can enjoy day after day. Everybody deserves a space where we can relax, enjoy and unwind.

Feeling The Fall Season

Yesterday, September 22, is officially the first day of fall here in the United States. In the NEWS yesterday, we saw the first photo of fall colors in the trees transforming into beautiful bright colors taken somewhere in the north east United States. I truly like the beautiful and stunning transformations of plants during the fall season. I remember when we were travelling towards Lake Tahoe during the fall season one time, we were lucky enough to witness a lot of Aspen Trees with its magnificient bright yellow colors and white barks. In our own yard, we have a Japanese Maple tree that turns into bright deep red during fall. Although, not all trees have fall color changes, there are places all over the states that are known to have best spots to be able to witness these great display of nature. Inorder to see the fall colors, timing is everything, see it before the leaves die down and fall. It is best to do some research which areas have fall colors at what week or month of the year. The trick is, do your research in advance before travelling hundreds of miles, so you wont get disappointed when you arrive there too late, and the trees are already bald. Even if you dont have the budget to fly somewhere to see huge display of fall colors, local areas like shopping malls, parks, city streets, etc have planted trees that some of them changes during fall. Sometimes all you need to do is drive around town and you seeing fall colors may come and greet you!

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Sep 18, 2008

Bedroom Furniture Choices

Few years ago, we had minor redesigning of our master bedroom. We just threw fresh paint in the walls and had different paint color in one wall as an accent wall. But we ended up just reusing the existing mismatch furniture we had at that time, that is why our bedroom makeover didnt came out so great because the furniture we used were either too small and/or too big for the bedroom, and the stained of the wood and the type of wood were different from each other.

At they have several bedroom furniture for sale in different styles. I personally like the contemporary bedroom furniture because of its minimalist design and clean lines and it is easier to find fabric for curtains, sheets, and pillows that will go well with it. I am a great fan of modern bedroom furniture as well because most modern pieces are very rich in style and function. A lot of times, modern furniture goes very well with other modern gadgets and appliances that we already own, so that everything will flow smoothly in a room, complimenting each other rather than looking mismatch.

Wrong Turn

It was very funny because we were on a road trying to get home. In one of our usual routes, we normally use the Lowes store sign in the curb as our landmark to turn towards home. Today, we turned too early, two blocks too early, because a Lowes truck with a huge Lowes logo printed in the side of the vehicle was situated in one corner, two blocks before the landmark . Unknowingly, we ended up turning in the road right where the truck was, thinking it was the store sign in the curb...hehe... But in a matter of minutes, we managed to find our way back to the right road again, whew.

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Sep 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike Aftermath

We were following the weather NEWS both at The Weather Channel and CNN as both channels closely monitored hurricane Ike travelling thru from the atlantic ocean to the gulf sea. After days of watching the daily updates of hurricane Ike as it cruised thru other different countries in the carribean, hurricane Ike finally made landfall in the coast of Texas early dawn last Saturday. It was widely huge storm and the impact that it did in places where it hit was devastating as it caused a lot of damage to both lands and properties, as well as the lives of many people. Many of us may not be in the gulf coast but the NEWS also affects other people, financially and emotionally as well. In the news, they were talking about some oil refinery in the gulf coast that were shut down temporarily as hurricane Ike passed by, and the non-operation could result in higher gas prices nationwide. That was why we hurridly drove to the gas station that very Saturday morning and filled up the gas at $3.59 per gallon price before it could possibly rise up around $4.00 to $5.00 per gallon again, just like when hurricane Katrina hit the coast of New Orleans three years ago. The price didnt go up badly like we thought, so that is great for a change.

Although, hurricane Ike finally left Texas, he left behind devastation and problems in places where it hit. So if you have the means to help those who were deeply affected by the storm, extending your help and support will surely be valuable and will go a long way.

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Sep 4, 2008

Check Out Empire Today For Your Flooring Needs

Are you planning to update the existing floor in your home or office soon or in the near future? Make sure to check out Empire Today, a company that specializes in flooring services. Empire Today offers in-home flooring services for both residential and business locations and utilizes several different types of flooring including carpet, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and ceramic flooring. Empire Today's in-home services allow their customers to have great flexibilities and time management regarding the planning stage up to the installation process of their new floorings.

Getting a new flooring can be an intimadating process for a lot of people. Not only does it takes a lot of time and planning, but it needs proper information and properly trained person(s) to achieve correct installation of your new flooring. Because getting a new flooring is a big investment, depending on the type of flooring you choose, may cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, but when added to your home or office will surely add value to your home and/or make your living space a better and cleaner place to live in. An attempt to install the flooring yourself without proper know-how and knowledge of installing a flooring properly can be a costly mistake and time consuming as well. If you dont have the time, or the knowledge and the technicalities to install a new flooring yourself, this is where Empire Today can do the job for you, properly and professionally. Their experience and expertise in in-home flooring services will definitely give you a peace of mind and the confidence that your hard earn money spent in getting a new flooring will achieve the best results.

If you are busy with work all day and have no time to visit any store during office hours to keep your flooring project plan, up and running, let Empire Today do the job. To get started with your new flooring, simply go to Empire Today website and arrange for an in-home estimate via the internet. Or you can also call 800-588-2300 and get hold of a friendly customer service that will guide you through the process and steps in getting your new floor, when you want it!
And if you are thinking of remodelling your bathroom as well, check out Empire Today bath stories, where satisfied and happy customers share their views and experience as Empire Today customers.

You are only a quick click away towards making your new flooring dream into a reality, simply visit Empire Today website or give them a call at 800-588-2300. Their website offers plenty of information that will guide you through the different types of flooring available and help you find out what best fits your needs. Be sure to check out the Empire Today's online video below:

Not Ready For Changing Season

Here in California, we still have obvious summer days, with triple digits temperature in the weather forecast three (3) days in a row, today, tommorrow and the day after that! I am definitely not looking forward to it because its gonna be too hot to stay out and with the few number of days left for this summer season, I would like more comfortable sunny days to stay outdoors and not have to worry about the rainy days yet. We just bought a new gas barbeque and some outdoor furniture that we bought at cheaper prices because they had been clearance off as ending season sales. And I wish to enjoy them a little bit more before weather gets cold and wet outside. Not a really a good time to complain by having triple digit temperature days because while watching the The Weather Channel and some other telivision NEWS, other parts of the US are having rain and wind these past couple of days. Hurricane Gustav just passed the mid gulf coast the other day that led to more or less two million people to evacuate out of Louisiana, after experiencing a traggic hurricane Katrina three (3) years ago. And this time, hurricane Ike and Hannah are predicted to be going towards the United States as well, particularly in the east coast somewhere around South and/or North Carolinas. Hopefully, as it travel through the atlantic ocean, the hurricane will weaken.

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