Oct 30, 2008

Happy Halloween To All

Trick or treat? It was definitely a treat when we happen to pass by this creative Halloween decoration outside Whole Foods store in Roseville. If you are interested to read more about my The Parade of Pumpkins story, please visit my blog at too. Happy Halloween, be safe, and thank you for your visit here today.

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Oct 28, 2008

Going In The Right Direction

For the past few days, the gas prices has been going down and down and down, which is definitely going in the right direction as far as the end consumers is concerned. Gas prices going down day by day, back to as low as $2.57 per gallon the other day, or a dollar less per gallon compare to a month ago, is a great news specially that the news regarding the economy is not as good these days. But we all deserve a break, a little bit of something good that benefits the many, lower gas prices, is a good thing. I heard in the radio today that there is still a possibility that it may lower a little more, but then goes back up again due to cut down in the oil production?!

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Oct 16, 2008

New Episodes Of Little People Big World Finally

We been wondering what ever happen to the Rolloffs in Oregon the past few months that theres been no new episodes of their hit reality show, Little People Big World. We have been following their show for awhile, almost since the first day that their first episode first showned on TLC.

Last week, my hubby told me that he saw an ad on tv about the show, and a new episode of their show got aired last Monday finally. I like their new front patio and garage makeover, although they didnt show it very well on tv, just a glimpse and parts of the project. At the end of the last episode last year, the Rolloffs family where facing chaos and challenges with their major garage renovation, the family living in a construction area.

In the new episodes that are coming, it seems that their family have bigger tasks to tackle nowadays. Matt went to the Middle East and meet a family there that have three (3) dwarf kids. Matt went face to face with the danger in the middle of the war zone, a glimpse of what our brothers and sisters in the army have to go through when they are stationed there.

Their show, Little People Big World, is making waves specially here in the US, and it is good to know that they are reaching out for those in need and taking actions to actually help people!

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Oct 8, 2008

Comparison Shopping Saves You Money

Different online stores have different prices, that is why online shoppers want to check out several online stores before purchasing an item that they want to buy. But normally, it takes a lot of time and effort to visit each of the online stores inorder to get prices of certain products and compare them to other online stores carrying the same products.

With, you literally eliminate the hassle altogether of comparing prices from different stores by comparing all prices of several online stores carrying the same item all in one convenient location! is a comparison shopping site that allows you to compare prices of certain products from several different stores, saving you time and money.

You can find all kinds of products in website including housewares and gardening items. Knowing which online stores offers you the best deals for a particular product definitely is a win-win situation for you and your budget. If lower price is not enough, make sure to check out more saving deals with coupons and free shipping!

Skunk Somewhere Near

It is definitely not pleasant to wake up early in the morning and realized that a skunk is hiding nearby or passing by your place. My hubby and I had to wake up early with this nightmare this morning. We smelled a skunk. We were inside the house, but we could sensed that there was a skunk somewhere outside, near the house or passing. We have all the under the floor vents properly screened, so we are quite confident that the skunk we smelled was not under our home, thank goodness.

No idea what a skunk is? Chances are you never encountered one, or smelled one, you are lucky. If you are in the United States, ask someone you know about a skunk, and he/she can probably share her/his personal story about his/her encounter with this particular animal with an undesirebable odor.

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Shop Smartly With ShopWiki

Online shopping has gained popularity over these years, but there are still a lot of people that get intimidated, lost and confused about the whole concept of online shopping. But the feeling of uncertainties and intimidation can easily be overcomed by being more informed, more knowledgable, and more aware about everything and anything that is/are available in the internet.

A great place to get a lot of helpful and useful data about variety different products is at where they provide guides and information regarding seceral different products that most consumers are looking for and want to research more about. Knowing in advance all the basic facts about the product before purchasing it usually help consumer gain more confidence about which item works best for them, and which ones meets their needs. The guides provided by in different product category are definitely great resources.

Aside from all the helpful information provided at, you can also find list of different stores carrying the same products, so that it is virtually easy for consumers to compare which stores carries certain items and at what price range.

Best Deals On Off Season Items

We have a wooden bench in our backyard that we bought at Lowes few months ago. It is a great quality bench with classic decorative iron components in it. We been using it all summer but it was hard to have a soda or juice in our hand while seating in the bench because we had no table nearby to place it.

Today, we went to Sears, and was checking out some of their clearance section. I immediately spotted their small outdoor glass table being marked down. I thought it was perfect height and size that will match perfectly with our wooden bench. Although the finished is not exactly identical, they were closed enough and both have light-color finished material, so still work really good together.

It feels great to be seating in our wooden bench with a nice table to use with it. They work really good together, both in purpose and function.

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Keep Your Auto AC Running Great And Beat The Heat

To live here in northern california, it is almost expected to get hot weather temperatures on a daily basis specially during the summer. Weather temperature gets really hot, uncomfortable and unbearable when it is more than 100 degrees fahrenheit, it is normal here but something that it is hard to get used to. It is hard to get comfortable in a hot weather specially inside the car, but having the air conditioning on definitely helps a lot!

Wherever you are, there is bound to be hot weather, sometimes extremely hot. Dont get caught in the middle of hot summer day with a broken air conditioner! Make sure that your car AC is up and running, and all auto ac parts are functioning properly. carries products like air conditioning compressor that you can use to fix or update your car air conditioning. Their website conveniently offers AC compressors for all auto models. The best way to beat the heat during your travels is being equipped with a fully working auto AC.

The Outdoor Fireplace That Got Away

We went to Sears yesterday to buy a plier, when we noticed that they were clearancing off their home and garden seasonal items. There were outdoor furniture set, lounges, outdoor umbrella, barbeque grill, and more. But we noticed that there was an outdoor gas fireplace that was marked down as well. The outdoor gas fireplace was very nice, so elegant, originally priced at $1000+, they were closing it out for less than $300+ yesterday, thats $700+ off! It was tempting, but we dont have a budget for it, really. So we just checked it out, admired it, hoped we can have it in our outdoor patio...

Today, we went to Sears again, and found ourselves being dragged in the home and garden department again, getting curious if the outdoor fireplace has been further marked down. Just like that, the outdoor fireplace was gone, it is no longer on their clearance section. So, we talked to one of the personel of the store about it, and she explained that it was sold yesterday, before the day was over, and she further told us that it was priced so slow, it was practically a steal-deal, almost a give-away. Less than $300 sale price for a $1000+ item is a great marked down for sure, but Im thinking to myself that spending $300 is not really a give-away on the part of the buyer, hehe.

Although, we dont have the budget for it, we always wanted an outdoor fireplace like it someday, but always classic outdoor fireplaces are quite expensive. But seeing the same item at a fraction of the price of what it is normally sold for, it was definitely an outdoor fireplace that got away.

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Oct 3, 2008

Maternity Fashion And Style

Are you pregnant? Chances are, you need to update your wardrobe that you can use for the next nine months during your are pregnancy and have a growing human being inside you. Ordinary clothes that you own are normally not fit for your changing form and body shape during pregnancy. That is why it is important to wear maternity clothes that are specifically design for pregnant women, inorder to accomodate your growing belly without putting any pressure and stress on it. Most tops and dresses that you own for daily normal wears are usually not flexible enough to wear during pregnancy. The good news is, you dont need to compromise fashion and style by wearing maternity clothing because there are several trendy maternity clothes to choose from nowadays.

Women are accustomed to wearing jeans on a daily basis. When you are pregnant, it does not mean that you can no longer wear jeans and pants. Be sure to check out Paige maternity jeans and Juicy maternity jeans for great options on jeans and pants that are suitable to wear during your pregnancy. It is not advisable to wear your normal jeans during pregnancy because they are usually not design to conform with a pregnant woman belly shape and everyday style jeans may cause discomfort and uneasiness because the fabric materials are not flexible enough to work with your growing belly.

Mantis In Our Front Yard

My hubby called me the other day to grab my camera quickly because he wanted me to take a picture of something in the front yard. I grabbed the camera and hurried back to the front of the house, where my hubby was. He then pointed me the praying Mantis in our siding. So I set the camera to macro mode and started taking some photos of the mantis. Honestly, I never seen a praying Mantis until the other day, so to me it was very interesting to witness such a creature. It was a little bit scary because the mantis didnt make a single move, it just stared back at me and I have no idea how safe or dangerous a mantis is, so I was a little guarded but I still managed to take a close up pictures of the insect despite uncertainties and unkown mantis behaviour. It was definitely an interesting experience of the day!

If I have the chance, I will post some photos of the mantis here!

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Oct 1, 2008

Finding Collision Repairers Near You

Being involve in a car collision accident is a hard situation to be in. It does not only affect the people who are involve in the accident emotionally but financially as well with all the aftermath responsibilities that needs to be taken care of to fix the car, up and running and in great condition. Fixing a car thats been involved in a collision accident usually requires an expert in the field to fix it in a safe condition for driving, not just the visual part of it but most specially the mechanical parts of the car. There are not a lot of available experts in collision repairers, but if you are ever in a situation that you need one, be sure to check out to find auto body shop available in areas near you.

Mixed Emotion With The Rain

For the first time for a long long time here in northern CA (where I am at), we are finally hearing in the NEWS to expect some rain late this week or this coming weekends! It is a mixed emotion for us though because we love the rain, we need the rain so badly here in CA, but at this point, our family is NOT ready for the rain to fall very very soon yet because we removed the rain gutter of our house last summer and planned to replace it before winter, of course. But time flies so fast, before we know it rainy season is already here and our house is not fully ready for it! We are extremely busy doing some works outside to finish some of the unfinish works that we started outside in the previous months that will be a problem during rainy days, which is coming up fast and furious. We only have few days left, and we need to get things ready and done, and get the house ready for the rainy days. grr

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