Nov 29, 2008

Black Friday Aftermath

We didnt wake up very early and joined the crowd rush trying to fall inline infront of the shopping malls during Black Friday, yesterday, to get awesome deals on things. Years ago, I had my experience of falling inline infront of a department store so that we could get a new telivision set at a really awesome deal. We did get the TV that year, but it was a long cold waiting time of more than an hour, waiting outside in a cold freezing winter day. But it was a memorable experience for me, a once a year shopping crave for everyone as early as four (4) in the morning!

This year, we checked most of the stores printed ads for Black Friday as well as the stores websites to check for special discounted of items that we could really need and want to get this year. With how the economy is, a lot of people were watching how much they spend this Black Friday. But for things that we could really use, it was the best time to buy since we could definitely save tons of money by getting them at highly discounted prices.

One of the most favorite grab item by a lot of people is a new digital TV, specially that analog signal for tv will be considered obsolete next year and all networks will be feeding digital signal by then.

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Nov 13, 2008

Gas Prices Are Falling Down

A lot of times when prices go up, its very unlikely to see them go back down. But these days, gas prices seem to be on the right track when it comes to the end consumers. Yesterday, we went to a shopping center (here in northern CA) and their gas price was $2.25 per gallon, not bad considering it was more than $3.00 few months ago. When we went again to the shopping center today, we noticed that gas price went down further, its $2.15 per gallon there. Cant wait to see it in the line of one (1) again.

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Nov 8, 2008

Online Reviews Are Helpful

My husband has a toothache and he needs a dentist around the area that can take care of his toothache. Since we are currently in a new place at this moment and a little far from the previous dentist that we used to go to, we have to find a new one nearby. But finding a new great dentist is not easy. It is difficult to just browse around the yellow pages or the newspaper and pinpoint the first dental ads that comes along. Not knowing a dental office reputation and performance and just blindly walking in to their office is like reserving a hotel that you never heard of before!

Instead of browsing through the newspapers or the yellowbook for a local dentist ads, I searched online for a local dentist. The great thing about some online listings is that there are honest reviews and feedbacks from customers and patients, which is very helpful in deciding which dentist have great and reliable reputations. It is a good thing to know beforehand what is going on with their services and performances before walking in and trusting someone with your health and dental care.

So if you have a dentist in your area, try to share your honest reviews and feedbacks online regarding your visits in that particular dental office because you may never know who you will be able to help in the other end of the web!

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Nov 6, 2008

Decorate Your Room With Modern Furniture

Growing up, when I was still living with my parents and siblings, we all loved to re-arrange our furniture and accessories in our living room a lot. Our living room was quite dynamic because as opportunities arised, we sometimes took the time to rearrange everything there as well as adding some new modern furniture pieces.

A blank room regardless of its size is like a blank canvas waiting for your creativity to make it a usable and livable space for you and your family. Even if you are not really a professional interior designer, you can still make your room look good, maybe just as good as the ones done by the professionals. Sometimes, all we really need is having the access to the right places that provides the right items and tools that we need to make the magic happen.

At website they carry wide variety of really unique and stylish designer modern furniture that are great pieces for designing each room in your home including living room, dining room, bedroom, etc. They carry several types of furniture like contemporay furniture, european furniture, meaning you have more styles and colors to choose from, and decide which ones best fits your needs and personal style.

Nov 4, 2008

Historic Election Day In America

Today, November 4, 2008, is a very important day here in the United States of America because it is the Presidential Election Day. Its been busy months for presidential candidates like John McCain and Barack Obama trying to win each of our votes. With this challenging and rough economic times, we the people, cannot afford to waste our votes or just take it for granted by voting without thinking. With our right to vote, today is definitely a great time to exercise this right and let our voices be heard.

I am not here to campaign and take side for any of the candidate, but I would like to encourage everyone to vote wisely. Vote for someone whom you know and feel is most capable for the job, can handle the task at hand, can contribute good things to the society, and can lead each one of us to a better life (like less taxes, less expenses, less crime, more benefits, more peace and safety, more overall success). Vote wisely and God Bless to all of us!

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