Jun 6, 2009

Arguing Flamingoes

We went to the zoo few weeks ago, and encountered some of the most exotic wild species in this world. During our visit there, we got the chance t0 see flamingoes again, we saw one during our trip to a Florida park too. It was a nice relaxing day at the zoo with great sunny weather and some of the animals are in their food mood like when we were observing the flamingoes. There were quite a few flamingoes in a little section of the zoo, when all of the sudden we heared flamingoes started arguing with each other, atleast thats what it looked like to me, see the photo above. Looks like they are fighting who get the shrimps or something!

By the way, according to facts about flamingoes, they turn orange in color because of all the orange shrimps that they ate over time!

Written and Photography by JazeVox of

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