Jul 21, 2009

The Red Panda At The Zoo

I remember, during our visit to the zoo this year (2009), we were able to see very few Red Panda there, and it was quite a challenge what we had to go through inorder to finally see them!

We like bamboos, so we ended up hanging out in an area at the zoo which had plenty of bamboo landscaping. While we were in the bamboo area, we had the opportunity to be close to where the Red Panda where situated. But being able to see the Red Panda, it was not as easy as we thought its gonna be, we had to literally find where they were hiding or where their resting place is, and when we finally saw two of them, they were sleeping, like 99 percent of the time!
We waited and waited for them to wake up, we even try to shake some of the bamboo trees trying to catch their attention, but they were hardcore tired, I should say.

It took us several tries, and transfered from different spots and angles, to finally get one to wake up and capture one awake! Here it is:

I got lucky because when I clicked the camera, the cute little roundy face Red Panda was looking back at me, sweet!

Written and Photography by JazeVox of
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