Sep 28, 2010

Tee Times

I used to live in an area near a golf course, where it only takes us around 10 minutes drive to get there. I love golf courses because majority of their vicinities are well-landscaped and well-kept. I like the vast expanse of wide open green grass in golf courses because its relaxing and takes you away from the buzzing city streets.

If you are anywhere near or is vacationing at Myrtle Beach area then is your best online tool to find nearby golf courses that you can easily book within 48 hours to make tee times happen! Most of us dont have the luxury of planning our activities for months because its hard to plan  things in advance without having to deal with weather or unexpected things come up, and you have no choice but to re-schedule or cancel your plans. Thats why 48 hour tee times is very convenient for those whole have spontaneous urge to play golf in Myrtle Beach area.

Way Too Hot For Fall

Where I live, yesterday was record breaking 100 plus degrees fahrenheit and its fall season. Its already fall season and we are still dealing with hot summer days temperature here in California. To my dismay, I had to go out yesterday and had to deal with the high temperature being in the car. Even with the car air conditionining running full-blast, I can still feel the baking hot temperature in the air especially coming in and out of the vehicle after it sat there for hours in the sun.

I like bringing our dog with us when we travel but during extremely hot days like yesterday, we always leave them home because we dont want them to have a heat stroke especially when we need to go to a store, where dogs are not allowed, so the dogs will be stuck waiting inside the car. When the weather is hot, it only takes few minutes for the car to get really toasty inside even when you leave windows crack open. So for dogs safely, its best for them to just chill at home rather than bake outside.

My Ideal Kitchen

When it comes to cooking, its mostly the women or the wives that play huge part in the kitchen operation. In my household, I do most of the cooking. My husband does cook occassionally but he still wants me to do most of the preparations of ingredients like dicing, slicing, etc. Having too many hours spent in the kitchen, I know what I like to be more functional in my kitchen like a huge stainless steel kitchen sink where I can easily wash small items as well as big items like pots and pans with less water spillage in the floor. I have many years of experience using small sink so I know how hard it is to wash bigger items on it.

Having a lot of cabinets for storage is necessary and plenty of countertops is ideal inorder for me to have plenty of work space to have a place to put all my ingredients and countertop appliances. I always wanted to have a butcher block countertop which will also serve as a movable kitchen island where I can easily prepare most of the ingredients for my cooking.

I like having a deck or a patio next to the kitchen so that I can cook in the kitchen and carry the foods outside for a nice outdoor meal and then later relax in the an adirondack chair and enjoy the weather.

Sep 11, 2010

Our Huge Shade Tree

We have this huge shade tree in the backyard that i like because it gives us a lot of shades especially during summer time when it gets really hot. We live in an area that we frequently get more than 100 degrees fahrenheit temperature during the summer, so having a shade tree like it is very benefecial especially for our electricity bills because this tree is situated near the house blocking some direct sunlight in one side of house in the afternoon, where the sun hit most during that time of day.

The problem with this tree is that during fall season it has all these leaves that fall in our patio that we need to clean up almost daily through out the season. This tree is full of leaves, and all of them are gonna fall by the end of the season, every year. Not only that, this same tree have sticky saps that stick to the falling leaves and I mean sticky. So when we step/walk into the falling leaves, some leaves stick to our shoes and slippers and can easily get carried inside the house. Our dogs can even carry leaves inside the house with their paws.

Fall is near and the leaves of this tree started to fall and the saps too, so its going to be another busy autumn season for us cleaning up the mess that our tree produce. But its hard to take it down and replace because its a full grown mature tree already and it helps us a lot during the summer and gives us plenty of shade and be able to enjoy our backyard without baking in the sun.

To read more about gardening and tree, check out Gardeners Land blog.

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