Aug 23, 2011

Meet The Athletic Movers

Moving can be fun, that is if you only think of where you are heading, and the new people you are going to meet. But majority of the people will probably agree that moving your stuff to your new place is no fun at all. Who likes to move big boxes? Not me, but if there is one group I can think of that love doing it, its definitely the Meathead Movers, who can assist you during your move and make your move fun instead of a task you want to fast forward and forget about. The Meathead Movers is originally founded by two athletic high school students that started out their business by assisting their friend's parents to move, and like a bright light from a bulb it lights up the whole room and they keep adding more bulbs to more rooms and grow as a moving business. The Meathead Movers are rapidly expanding and accessible in busy metropolis areas like San Diego County, Los Angeles County, etc.

When you are considering a moving company to hire its important to look into the structure of the company. Its critical to consider the employees that moving company is consist of to make sure that they can do the job you required them to do, move heavy items safely, pack things professionally. When it comes to transporting your items, its all in the details and the process that makes a successful move making sure that all your belongings are as good as you have them in your old place. With Meathead Movers they strive hard to employ the right people for their team to make sure that they have the right individuals working for them that are fit to do the physically demanding tasks that the job requires. All employees of Meathead Movers undergo background check and thorough screening and training to make sure that they are reliable and trustworthy to be in the job site and partake in the tasks of moving your personal belongings that are highly important to you and your family. Another fun part they do at work is that when the moving employees are not carrying anything, they make use of their time jogging, which can make them to stay fit at work. Get to know more about the Meathead Movers by visiting their Facebook page. 

Backup If You Are Going Paperless

For several centuries, when we think of office jobs, we think of papers and paperworks. But such concept has drastically changed these days. Nowadays, when you think of office works, computers come to mind. Using computers nowadays are neccessity in an office environment, nothing is foreign about it anymore, its a need and its just part of our days work. We use computers for writing notes, preparing print-outs, doing presentations and accounting, organizing business contacts and calendar, etc. We can literally almost eliminate the paper works all together and go paperless. The million dollar question is: What if your computer breaks down tommorrow unexpectedly? Can you function as a business? Can you do the normal tasks you do everyday and get things done without accessing your computer? If you answer a resounding NO to any of these questions then you are dependent on your computer to run your business and in this regard, you need to backup your files and data that you do online that way when a freak instant and your computer breaks down, you have other means of accessing your data and can still function normally without totally being helpless when your system needs a repair. Time is money, you can use other computers but you cannot sit and wait for one computer to get fix before you get going again. When you have a backup of your files that you can access in another system while your computer is down then you are definitely in the higher rank of the heirarchy chart, putting yourself above your computer system. You manage the computer, dont let the computer manage you.

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Aug 15, 2011

Customized Address Plaques For Your Home

Occassionally, homeowners receive a service offer to paint their driveway with their house number inorder for emergency crews or fire personnel to easily spot your house incase of an emergency situation. If something like this is quite important, so is an address plaques that you put in front of your house. Address plaque maybe a small item but it has a huge impact not only visually but functionally as well. It is one of the first thing people notice when they step into your front door, it will give your visitors the assurance that they arrive in the right house and knocking at the right door! It also helps the mailman and delivery man the assurance that they are delivering your package in your door, not in someone else house, isn't that important to you?

When you have something in your house that is always visible and noticeable as a house plaques, it always makes sense to make your address plaques look more appealing and stands out beautifully rather than an eye sore to anyone that sees it. Having a customized house plaques done by web site is a nice investment that will always be seen by people when they visit your home. When you see your existing house plaque and you feel embarrassed then it might be time to invest in a new one.

High Priced Disposable Laptop

Almost two years ago I purchased a brand new laptop with all the hypes and whistles available at that time. Its amazing how technology change so fast because everything in that laptop computer is turning obsolete in comparison to what is available nowadays. The worst part is that its only been almost two years and its no longer functional. Since I didnt availed the extended warranty, I cannot get help from the manufacturer without paying to get help or assistance from them which kind of a bummer because paying almost a thousand dollars for an item that broke down even before two years and not get any fixing help is really poor customer service on their part. So we been trying to figure it out ourselves, by process of elimination, having disected such computer, its clear that its not the battery, the ac adapter, nor the CPU that is the problem. Its probably the motherboard that is having an issue which is a complete bummer because it should not have such problem only after two years. In my opinion, motherboards should last a lifetime, atleast 10 years.

Its sad that many computers are built to fall apart within the first two to three years of its purchase, basing on all the readings and research that I have done, I am definitely not alone having issues with broken computer just after two years. Im sure I can find a way to fix it, but the sad thing is the specifications are a little bit outdated as today standards. I only have 4GB RAM, when you can get 8GB to 16GB RAM nowadays. I have a dual core processor in this laptop when nowadays the more powerful quad core, or even six core are already out in the market! Not to mentioned such laptop only have 300GB hard drive, it sounds like a lot of memory at that time but its hardly any space for a person with all the games, graphics, photos that we store nowadays, right? I would definitely prefer atleast 750GB up to 2TB in it.

The amount of money I paid for my laptop two years ago, I can definitely get three times better unit and new. By trying to upgrade my laptop, I would be better off buying a new one. Upgrading RAMS, CPU, hard disk takes time and money and everything adds up, by the time I add everything, I can probably get a new computer cheaper with better and faster performance than my upgraded one. As a consumer, makes you feel like your high priced (one thousand dollar) investment is just a disposable item when they only last for two years by either breaking down or becoming outdated.

Mar 22, 2011

Know Your Prices Online And Shop Smartly

Online shopping is the norm of the 21st century. Majority of people nowadays are well-versed to the idea of online shopping, just as regularly as buying from a brick and mortar store. But with the shopping stores popping out all over the internet, it use to be next to impossible to know which stores have better prices of which items without spending days online doing research. Thank goodness to ShopWiki, we can now easily compare prices from different stores and know which stores have the lowest prices and save us money!

With everyone wanting to get great deals and wanting to save money while shopping online, its no suprise that ShopWiki grow faster than ever before, its growing rapidly wordwide including a ShopWiki in United Kingdom and ShopWiki in Australia, with more users realizing its benefits to a lot on online shoppers out there. If you want to save while shopping, its definitely time to check it out.

ShopWiki offers online price comparisons of several different products and let you decide which online store has the cheapest price and you shop there.  If shopping sounds fun, saving while shopping is incredibly fun! 

Knowledge Is The Key

I contacted the customer service of one of our utility service regarding a unit we have that is not working or functioning properly. After several hours of interaction with the customer service, the issue was never resolved and told me that he burned out all the possible options and resources available to for him to solve the issue. So he assumed that the unit is the problem and need to be replaced, instead of the connections or settings. We finished our interaction without the issue being solved.

Few hours later, I decided to contact the customer service, this time its another person on the other end of the line. The new customer service representative handling my concerns of their service was definitely more knowledgable. She managed to go through all the mace of the issues, and found a solution in few minutes and was able to let the unit function properly.

Same unit, same service, different customer service representative, one dont know what to do, the other one was able to solve the problem of their service with a breeze. Its amazing what knowledge can do. One knew their service in and out, the other one still need to familiarize more with their system and be able to solve issues that come up with their services and help their customers more effeciently and quickly.

Feb 27, 2011

Beach Properties In California

Who does not want to live near the beach? I could definitely live near the beach especialy here in sunny California. But after a long history of beach properties in California being high-priced and expensive, beach houses and properties near the beach in the west coast definitely leave an impression in too many people minds that its unaffordable and they dont even bother to look at any of  the properties.

If you been thinking about looking for a house near the beach here in California, nowadays is definitely a great time to check out while the prices are considerably lowered than what it was several years ago, for example, properties near the beach like Mission Beach in San Diego. If you can afford it or you have the means to buy and you always wanted to buy one, its not fair to assume right away without looking that prices are still unaffordable for you. You might be surprised what real estate properties are available these days, possibly have lowered in prices than you thought.

With the recession affecting home prices nationwide including properties near the beach in California, it would not hurt to check real estate properties nowadays, buying or not buying, its good to know what is out there and be aware of the revolving housing market.

Feb 22, 2011

Because It Is The Right Thing To Do

I purchased an item online but then my ordered never came in the mail after weeks of waiting and anticipation. So I emailed the seller that I never received the order and I got refunded in full for my purchase. Few days later, the order came in, just as promised! Now that Im fully refunded for it, I could have it for free and nobody will know (?) but I want a clear conscience and a peace of mind, so I get hold of the seller right away to let him know that I finally get the item late in the mail and that I am willing to pay the same amount that I originally paid for. Simply because I dont feel right keeping the item for free just because it came in late and I was refunded for it. Now that I got it, although it was delayed, I have to repay it, unless the seller replied me back and tell me that I can have it for free. But I might as well try to let him know that I got the item finally, you never know why the seller sold the item in the first place, maybe because he needed the money and sacrificed selling the item. Nobody is telling me to repay the item but i always try to live by some of lifes simple rules like honesty is the best policy.

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