Feb 27, 2011

Beach Properties In California

Who does not want to live near the beach? I could definitely live near the beach especialy here in sunny California. But after a long history of beach properties in California being high-priced and expensive, beach houses and properties near the beach in the west coast definitely leave an impression in too many people minds that its unaffordable and they dont even bother to look at any of  the properties.

If you been thinking about looking for a house near the beach here in California, nowadays is definitely a great time to check out while the prices are considerably lowered than what it was several years ago, for example, properties near the beach like Mission Beach in San Diego. If you can afford it or you have the means to buy and you always wanted to buy one, its not fair to assume right away without looking that prices are still unaffordable for you. You might be surprised what real estate properties are available these days, possibly have lowered in prices than you thought.

With the recession affecting home prices nationwide including properties near the beach in California, it would not hurt to check real estate properties nowadays, buying or not buying, its good to know what is out there and be aware of the revolving housing market.

Feb 22, 2011

Because It Is The Right Thing To Do

I purchased an item online but then my ordered never came in the mail after weeks of waiting and anticipation. So I emailed the seller that I never received the order and I got refunded in full for my purchase. Few days later, the order came in, just as promised! Now that Im fully refunded for it, I could have it for free and nobody will know (?) but I want a clear conscience and a peace of mind, so I get hold of the seller right away to let him know that I finally get the item late in the mail and that I am willing to pay the same amount that I originally paid for. Simply because I dont feel right keeping the item for free just because it came in late and I was refunded for it. Now that I got it, although it was delayed, I have to repay it, unless the seller replied me back and tell me that I can have it for free. But I might as well try to let him know that I got the item finally, you never know why the seller sold the item in the first place, maybe because he needed the money and sacrificed selling the item. Nobody is telling me to repay the item but i always try to live by some of lifes simple rules like honesty is the best policy.

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