Mar 22, 2011

Know Your Prices Online And Shop Smartly

Online shopping is the norm of the 21st century. Majority of people nowadays are well-versed to the idea of online shopping, just as regularly as buying from a brick and mortar store. But with the shopping stores popping out all over the internet, it use to be next to impossible to know which stores have better prices of which items without spending days online doing research. Thank goodness to ShopWiki, we can now easily compare prices from different stores and know which stores have the lowest prices and save us money!

With everyone wanting to get great deals and wanting to save money while shopping online, its no suprise that ShopWiki grow faster than ever before, its growing rapidly wordwide including a ShopWiki in United Kingdom and ShopWiki in Australia, with more users realizing its benefits to a lot on online shoppers out there. If you want to save while shopping, its definitely time to check it out.

ShopWiki offers online price comparisons of several different products and let you decide which online store has the cheapest price and you shop there.  If shopping sounds fun, saving while shopping is incredibly fun! 

Knowledge Is The Key

I contacted the customer service of one of our utility service regarding a unit we have that is not working or functioning properly. After several hours of interaction with the customer service, the issue was never resolved and told me that he burned out all the possible options and resources available to for him to solve the issue. So he assumed that the unit is the problem and need to be replaced, instead of the connections or settings. We finished our interaction without the issue being solved.

Few hours later, I decided to contact the customer service, this time its another person on the other end of the line. The new customer service representative handling my concerns of their service was definitely more knowledgable. She managed to go through all the mace of the issues, and found a solution in few minutes and was able to let the unit function properly.

Same unit, same service, different customer service representative, one dont know what to do, the other one was able to solve the problem of their service with a breeze. Its amazing what knowledge can do. One knew their service in and out, the other one still need to familiarize more with their system and be able to solve issues that come up with their services and help their customers more effeciently and quickly.

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