Oct 19, 2012

Finding The Right Cable Telivision Provider For You

If you been frustrated with your existing cable tv provider or had been in the past, then you are certainly not alone. Many people out there are sharing the same frustrations, from getting poor receptions to getting limited shows with high prices. Many of us signed up for cable tv service basing mainly on the existing companies that we know of, the ones the sent us ads in the mail, or the ones that run paid ads on telivision. Many of us are probably not even aware that there are several different cable tv providers that are available to service in the state or city that we live in. Many are probably only aware of just a few providers, out of all the available companies, simply because we never see their commercials or advertising on telivision, or maybe because we never received any printed ads in the mail. Many of us may have based our decisions about cable tv providers basing on who we heard or saw on tv. With that limited information, we were not able to fully compare different cable tv providers basing on their pricing, packages, deals, and more because how can you compare these companies when you do not know all of them?

Thanks to the hardwork of people can now make smart decisions on which cable providers to avail depending on their prices, packages and deals. I recently checked out their site at and I like how people can search cable providers basing on which state and city they live, this way it is more specialized service for your area. It is good to be able to know what are all the available fruits in the basket so that you will be able to decide which fruits you like the most, whether its an apple, an orange, a banana, etc. Just like choosing for cable tv providers, each of them have their own technology capabilities, packages and deals, high and low prices that they offer to their consumers and customers, its up to the consumers to decide which one meets their needs the best that is why it is good to know all the providers available in your area so that you can smartly compare all the options you have and go from there.

In the past, many of us make our decision of which cable telivision providers we signed up with basing on the ads we received in the mail or saw on tv. With CableTVAdvisor around that will tremendously help and assist us, and putting our cable tv shopping in a whole new level, knowing that we will be able to know which companies are available in your area, which is a huge advantage because that is when we can truly compare services, prices, deals, and packages that meet our needs and wants the best. Afterall, cable telivision is an entertainment business, the last thing we need is be so stressed trying to look for the right provider to give us entertainment. Another great thing i like about their website is the Deal Of The Day basing on which place you live.

A Miniature Praying Mantis

I have been seeing Praying Mantis insects quite often in our backyard for the past years. Most of the praying mantis that I have seen were mostly fully grown adult ones around three inches long. Recently, while hanging out in the garden patio area, in the corner of my eyes I noticed a very tiny green insect in our fabric outdoor swing. When I went to take a closer look at it, I realized that it was a miniature praying mantis! Praying Mantis always fascinates me because they look like they are always praying, as their popular name emplies. But seeing the little fellow fascinated me even more because I never seen one before that tiny and small, barely an inch long. Thanks to new technology of digital cameras nowadays, I was able to capture this tiny little creature with my point-and-shoot digital camera in macro mode. Dont let the photo above fool you, its the wonders of technology at work which makes this insect look like a giant in photograph because in contrary it was so small, you can barely see it. I called it a miniature praying mantis but I assumed that it is a baby praying mantis? They look just like the fully grown adult praying mantis, the only difference, from what i observed, is the size, they look like a shrunken version of the adult ones.

May 2, 2012

Education Can Give You The Competitive Edge

Nowadays in which unemployment is high and jobs are scarce, many people are going back to school and get some kind of college education to freshen their minds and give themselves a huge advantage in this very competitive job market. Finding a job nowadays is very hard, and with many competition, it is best to arm ourselves with the right knowledge and tools to put ourselves on top of the lists of applicants. There is less demand and plenty of supply in the job market nowadays, many employers have the advantage to be very picky who they are going to hire, and they usually want the bests to join their team that can help grow their business or organization. So if there are several applicants that are applying the same job that you are applying, the applicant with whom the company believed that they can best benefit from as far as knowledge and expertise are concern then such applicant is most likely the one that will be hired. Inorder to arm yourself with knowledge and competitive edge, its best to be knowledgeable about the job tasks that you are applying for and you need to be able to prove not only in papers that you have what it takes, but also show in action your capability to get things done.

Education is one of the best gift that you can ever give yourself. Nobody can ever take your knowledge away from you. Once you know something and become an expert on it, then you become a pro. Its true that there are many free resources available online nowadays, but getting the motivation to regularly read your books, do your assignments, and study have been a difficult process for a lot of people if they decide to do it themselves. That's why being in a classroom, listening to a teacher explain the subject matter is still a very effective approach to learning, not to mention the certificate that you will receive at the end of the course is an easy proof that you can show during job application that you have what it takes.  Personally, I always want to know more about computer graphics and design, although I have some knowledge about the subject matter, I would like to be an expertise on it and learn all the new tools that experts use to get the job done in the graphic and design field. Depend on your line of interest, but if you are interested in becoming a Graphic Designer as well there are graphic design courses in Miami and other major cities that you can go to, its a step closer to your becoming an expert on. It helps a lot when you have a passion for something that you decide you want to learn because learning it is easier.

Gentle Giant Cat Fish

We have this cat fish for several years already. We bought her when she was a very tiny little fish, around an inch total length. Now, she is more than a foot long! Quite a gentle giant, I should say, doesn't move much, pretty much want to be left alone most of the time. Her favorite places in the tank is in the corner or dark places where the rest of the fishes give her the least destruction possible.

When we bought her at a local store, we were told that a cat fish is a great fish to have to keep the tank clean because they eat on algeas, so any algeas that are being developed in the tank can be a great food source for this gentle giant. You can also purchase algea tablets in most pet stores for feeding them.

We have several different types of fish in our tank. And our cat fish seems to get along with most of them pretty well. The only time I remember than she had a problem with another fish was when we had this super energetic bothersome Koi fish that drives her up a wall. It was not her fault though, the Koi fish was the one that bumps into her, and bothers her, and as a result she did try to chase that koi fish once in awhile. Unfortunately, that Koi fish passed away, and so far none of the other fishes we have seems to really bother her anymore. As long as she have her little corner away from the school of fish, she is pretty much happy and content!

Thanks for the visit in my HonestlyFresh blog today, hope to see you again here sometime!
Written and Photography by JAZEVOX. All Rights Reserved.

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