May 2, 2012

Gentle Giant Cat Fish

We have this cat fish for several years already. We bought her when she was a very tiny little fish, around an inch total length. Now, she is more than a foot long! Quite a gentle giant, I should say, doesn't move much, pretty much want to be left alone most of the time. Her favorite places in the tank is in the corner or dark places where the rest of the fishes give her the least destruction possible.

When we bought her at a local store, we were told that a cat fish is a great fish to have to keep the tank clean because they eat on algeas, so any algeas that are being developed in the tank can be a great food source for this gentle giant. You can also purchase algea tablets in most pet stores for feeding them.

We have several different types of fish in our tank. And our cat fish seems to get along with most of them pretty well. The only time I remember than she had a problem with another fish was when we had this super energetic bothersome Koi fish that drives her up a wall. It was not her fault though, the Koi fish was the one that bumps into her, and bothers her, and as a result she did try to chase that koi fish once in awhile. Unfortunately, that Koi fish passed away, and so far none of the other fishes we have seems to really bother her anymore. As long as she have her little corner away from the school of fish, she is pretty much happy and content!

Thanks for the visit in my HonestlyFresh blog today, hope to see you again here sometime!
Written and Photography by JAZEVOX. All Rights Reserved.

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