Oct 19, 2012

A Miniature Praying Mantis

I have been seeing Praying Mantis insects quite often in our backyard for the past years. Most of the praying mantis that I have seen were mostly fully grown adult ones around three inches long. Recently, while hanging out in the garden patio area, in the corner of my eyes I noticed a very tiny green insect in our fabric outdoor swing. When I went to take a closer look at it, I realized that it was a miniature praying mantis! Praying Mantis always fascinates me because they look like they are always praying, as their popular name emplies. But seeing the little fellow fascinated me even more because I never seen one before that tiny and small, barely an inch long. Thanks to new technology of digital cameras nowadays, I was able to capture this tiny little creature with my point-and-shoot digital camera in macro mode. Dont let the photo above fool you, its the wonders of technology at work which makes this insect look like a giant in photograph because in contrary it was so small, you can barely see it. I called it a miniature praying mantis but I assumed that it is a baby praying mantis? They look just like the fully grown adult praying mantis, the only difference, from what i observed, is the size, they look like a shrunken version of the adult ones.

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